Before I start the story, lets talk about the characters... Firstly, One Direction are a british boyband started up on the show X Factor. The five boys had auditioned seperately and having not made it through as singles, were put together as a band. They placed third but their success has skyrocketed since then.

The band consists of: Harry Styles, the one with curly hair and green eyes, who is known as the flirt of the band; Louis Tomlinson, the eldest of the band but most immature, he has blue eyes and brown hair, and he's got an amazing ass; Liam Payne, with brown hair and brown eyes, he's known as the mature one of the band and he's adorable; Niall Horan, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, he's irish and absolutely the cutest thing ever; Zayn Malik, with black hair that's perfectly styled and amazing light brown golden eyes that make a girl melt...


Characters based on real people:

Abby; She has browny blonde hair, big hazel eyes with long lashes and is Aussie, she is 17.

Ella; Also has browny blonde hair, with pretty green eyes and freckles, also Aussie and 17.

Lina; Brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin, she's Aussie and also 17.

All of the girls have an vverage height and weight.

Simoné; Tall, thin and blonde with blue eyes. She's British and is dating Zayn. She's 17.

Made Up Characters:

Ginger; I'm not describing her, because I don't want to offend anyone, but just think of your average cake-faced hoe. She's 18.

Scarlet; She's ginger's friend and is basically the same sort of girl, also 18.

Ashton; The guy Ella likes, he has brown hair and green eyes. He's Aussie and 18.

Beau; Abby's boyfriend back in Australia, he has blonde hair and green eyes and is a surfer. He's 18.

There are photos of the three main girls (Abby, Ella and Lina) on the side here, and some of the other chapters if you wanted to know who they're based off of.

Thank you for giving this story a go and I hope you like it! xo

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