Chapter Eighty-Six

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Laughter trickled into the cool air of the wide open sky that watched over a frozen desert. What once was a place filled with warm sand and lapping waves, now resembled an empty tundra.

And yet, they laughed.

The girl couldn't help but laugh along with them.

Her Change had been successful. At the market, she'd picked the one she'd liked, and they'd pulled her into the back room so she could Change. The procedure took an eighth of the time that it took the original. Now, all they had to do was pull off her chip from the base behind her ear and place it on the new base.

It was so simple.

She no longer wore the black tank top and jeans. They were long gone. Instead she had on a bright yellow blouse. Instead, she felt so much happier.

She watched as her friends ran ahead of her, their arms in the air as they sprinted towards the frozen edge of the ocean. She wondered if the ocean was just as frozen down below as it was on top. She also questioned how such a thing could have happened, with the tides and everything. The scientists probably had some explanation. Somebody must have some explanation.

She could care less. Right now, the cold air surrounding her made her feel alive. She would regret coming out in such few layers soon, but right now, her adrenaline was rushing. All of theirs was. The beach was just outside the realm of the Equator, hence why it didn't experience the same slightly cool climate as inside the Equator. That was something else she didn't understand: the Equator's ability to even keep itself at a decent temperature while the rest of the world perished.

Things sometimes just didn't make sense.

Like Changing.

They had been right. She did feel happier now. She felt like a new person.

She had a new mindset. Her friends saw it. They all had been overjoyed when she'd finally come to meet up with them again. Overjoyed and understanding.

But not only that. Her old self was tall and blonde. She had sparkling green eyes and calloused hands from her short time fighting for survival in the wild. It had been a tough Change to make, since it was her first, but she'd done it. It was always hard to leave things behind, especially when they were extremely important to you. But she did leave it behind, and she did it for the good of everyone in the Equator's society.

She'd left that overused, tall, blonde body in the back room of the store she'd Changed at.

Then, she'd had her chip placed on the base of a new one, a pale skinned red-head, with freckles, a girl, gone from the world, but only now reanimated. Reanimated with a different soul.

She'd found herself a new body.

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