Author's Note

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First off, thank you all so much for checking out this book! It means a lot to me, and I put in a lot of hard work to get here. It would mean nothing without all the people reading and commenting, so I'm extremely thankful for that.

** As of 7/2/2020:

I recently posted about coronavirus back in March -- but with recent events, I decided to keep this update in, as we're still struggling. Even though we've seemingly jumped over the peak of coronavirus, we've recently seen an influx of cases in the United States. So, even though we somewhat made it past the hard parts of quarantine, we should still care about social distancing. Don't go to big outings. Wear masks. Take care of yourselves. And protect everyone.

On top of that, don't stop supporting the Black Lives Matter movement just because people have stopped talking about it on social media. One of the biggest problems of our day is that we have so much media constantly being thrown at us that some things can get drowned out. The fight isn't over just because people have moved on. People are still dying. Donate, petition, support, do what you can and what you're comfortable with (especially during COVID).

Let's keep taking care of our world and our people. <3

Also, my book is currently on Amazon (I am a broke college kid after all). This book was so much fun for me to write and took a lot of time and care, so I'd be super grateful if you bought it! ---->      (link also in bio)

You can also find my author account on Instagram @authorjuliaesposito.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to direct message me, I'm always willing to talk :)

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