Author's Note pt 2

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Thank you so much for reading Snow!

It's been a long time writing this book, and so it's partially a relief to finally finish it. Of course, as has been mentioned before, this is solely a first draft, and therefore it needs a lot of editing.

I'll be spending the next few months working on editing this book, so chapters may be regularly re-published with corrections. For those of you who've read through this before any editing, you don't have to worry - there will be no major changes, and before the sequel which I will also create a date of release for, I will create a chapter filling in all of you on any small changes I might have made just in case it does have some significance further on.

With that said, thank you so much to everyone who commented, voted for, and simply read this book! I'm amazed at how far it's gotten, and I'm definitely hoping for it to go even farther after editing. Additionally, if there's anything you personally feel that needs to be fixed in this book, please, feel free to comment it, as it only helps me in the editing process and creates a better finished product.

Again, I'll begin writing the sequel to this soon. The first chapter will likely be released in about a month as I work on editing this book first. In the meantime, I will also try working on some of my other books that got left behind while I was working on Snow. I'm going to try adding more to Ash and Dust, and maybe a couple others. If anyone wants me to work on any other books I have started but obviously not finished writing, please comment those below, too.

Lastly, I would like to mention the title of my second book, which I will put up soon. It will be called Storm, and I'm hoping to work as hard on it as I have for this first book.

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoyed this book!


I have started to edit this book, so you may notice chapters being re-published multiple times! There is a lot that needs to be fixed, and I'm working on doing so. The comments that I've received have been extremely helpful in guiding me to fix what needs to be fixed, so thank you!

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