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Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday    by KtyKm6
Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder kaoutar
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ARES:Gods of War by Johnnieboy11
ARES:Gods of Warby Johnnieboy11
Mankind's Greatest Hero has finished his mission once more. Saving Earth from the Didact and his weapon of mass-recruitment, the Composer, the Master Chief and his AI co...
LOSE YOUR ILLUSION, the last of us ¹ by tommysmiller
LOSE YOUR ILLUSION, the last of 𝖅𝖔𝖊
❝ let go of the illusion that it could have been any different... ❞ ( story by tommysmiller ) ( the last of us show x oc ) ...
The system is afraid I'll die on Doomsday, so it start by signing the Flame Seed by kim92259
The system is afraid I'll die on Avegyl
(invincible + zombies + unlimited firepower + not sanctimonious + survival base + hoarding supplies) Ye Huan was reborn on the eve of the apocalypse. Faced with disaster...
OTHERS (Formerly The Scarlet Effect) by alrains
OTHERS (Formerly The Scarlet A. L. Rains
The pandemic was just the beginning. After an unknown virus sweeps across the globe, Aurora and two other survivors seek out safety in a bomb shelter with enough supplie...
If the Sky Falls ➳ Hal Mason by just--me--
If the Sky Falls ➳ Hal Masonby Moca
[Falling Skies Fanfic ➳ Hal Mason] At first, we all thought they were coming in peace, but that wasn't the case. They took the children and killed the rest of us...
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 1 by Happyritas
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men The Archived BS
"Ekka, don't you want to play with the other kids?" Jean asked as she entered the room where Ekka had been hiding away, only staring out a large window. "...
The Deathless Trilogy by SarahPerlmutter
The Deathless Trilogyby Sarah Perlmutter
Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she h...
𝐆𝐎𝐃𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐒┃𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗺𝘆 𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗸𝗲  by cvsmixyt
𝐆𝐎𝐃𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐒┃𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗺𝘆 𝗯𝗹 𝒩𝒜𝒱𝒴
In which the twin sister of Wells Jaha finds herself on earth, with her best friends, falling in love with their leader. [the 100] [s1-s7] [Bellamy Blake x oc] BEST RANK...
Withering Wishes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 2  by Happyritas
Withering Wishes . • . X-Men The Archived BS
Ekka didn't blink. She didn't say a word. She didn't even cry. She simply laid back on her bed and turned away from Xavier. "Ekka? Do you understand? We can get you...
Murder Drones: Unintentional team up? by G_STORIES6
Murder Drones: Unintentional GTC PRODUCTIONS
(Yeah I know it's not out yet but hey let me have this okay?) Uzi was fighting off a Murder Drone when it did something drastic... It tried to merge her into one of them...
Snow by jule009
Snowby Julia E.
After an apocalyptic event that thrusts the world into a new ice age, Calestia - a 17-year-old girl with a strong will - must learn to survive on a land infested with ga...
We Are Broken ➳ Falling Skies by EmRose__
We Are Broken ➳ Falling Skiesby Emma Rose
"I'm not the same as yesterday Ooh...It's hard to explain How things have changed But I'm not the same as before And I know there's so much more ahead I can barely...
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A Forest So Dark and Deadly by catlegis
A Forest So Dark and Deadlyby catlegis
A world full of dangerous creatures. Two territories, one human, one Fae. The humans have many rules but above all, one warning; do not go deep into the forests where th...
Hush, Be Quiet (A Quiet Place AU) by ShinyAlek
Hush, Be Quiet (A Quiet Place AU)by Alek Cardona
In a world where sound is deadly, every whisper could be your last. Protagonists Ava and Luca, once strangers, find their lives intertwined as they navigate a silent and...
Rotten  ✔️ by FlatMatesForLife
Rotten ✔️by FlatMatesForLife
Seventeen-year-old Spencer has been waiting for this for a while now. Ever since he started watching a new TV show, he has been wanting an apocalypse to happen. Just to...
Is (s)He A Lost Embrace? | Totcf x ??? | by SomeNobodyZ
Is (s)He A Lost Embrace? | Totcf SomeNobodyZ
Story Inspired by: Beyondersfamily So credits to them... Everyone knows that Cale was originally Kim Rok Soo and about the body swap, they don't know about his past in d...
The End is Nine by _thatwriter_
The End is Nineby _thatwriter_
-Sequel to Apocalyptic- "It's been a while...a really long while." --- Atlanta was the safest place as far as Merida, Hiccup, Jack, Rapunzel, Jim and Emma knew...
Hazel | Fantasmical 2024 by Denkerlein
Hazel | Fantasmical 2024by Denkerlein
When Fae strike a bargain with the hope and despair of unsuspecting humans, it's more than a snap of fingers, that makes ominous wishes come true. Especially since the m...
MONSTERS, MAGIC, AND LOVE (Harry Potter x The 100 TV - crossover Fanfiction) by MYSTC4TH
MONSTERS, MAGIC, AND LOVE (Harry Catherine Delos Santos
What happens when Helen Potter and a few of her friends of the Magical world, traveled to another dimension to escape into another world, specifically a similar Earth--b...