Chapter Forty-Nine

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"One of the strangest phenomenons in nature is what you all have witnessed. Scientists here in the Equator have managed to research and find out more about this event in an attempt to understand it, and try to find a way to stop it. Why do you all need to learn about it? Because this may help you in some way in the future." A blond haired professor stood at the front of a large classroom. She scribbled down notes on the whiteboard in bright blue ink.

I allowed my head to rest on my hand. Even though I'd gotten a couple hours of break, it still wasn't enough. This entire lesson so far had just been the same woman giving us this long lecture about why it was important for us to learn in a classroom for military training. And only just now she had decided to get into why the apocalypse happened, which I honestly didn't care about. It was great knowing why and all of that, but knowing it wouldn't change the fact that it happened, nor would it help us when in a life or death situation. 

"Unfortunately, our scientists here are still trying to work out how so much water had gotten into the atmosphere to release the amount of rain, then snow that has been released upon us. There are many theories, such as that the water has been evaporating without precipitating for a long time. Then, all of it came down at once. This theory is often referred to as the Tsunami effect, since tsunamis follow this same principle, with all of the water abruptly being drawn back into the ocean before exploding forth and causing mass destruction. But even so, it's hard to understand how this rain could have continued straight for so long. What they do know for certain, is that after a while, temperatures began to drop, freezing the rain in the atmosphere to allow it to come down as snow. These dropped temperatures have yet to go back up, and do not follow the typical cycle of the seasons," the woman explained. She wrote a few key words on the board and circled them for emphasis.

I had been tempted to just sleep through the lesson..until I heard her speak. All of it was intriguing to me. Next to me, January's eyes were closed and beyond her, I could tell nearly nobody else was paying attention. Not even the people who had been at the military base for a while seemed to be focused on the professor.

"Now, all of this only brings up more questions. If the snow never stopped, how are some buildings not completely engulfed? And why isn't the Equator as effected by everything?" She seemed like she was trying to engage her audience, but nobody but me was paying attention.

"Well, let's start with the first question. Again, we are working on figuring out why and how some buildings are more engulfed then others. It has been proven that the farther a place is from the Equator, the more snow it has. So yes, millions of homes were engulfed with snow covering their doors which trapped them inside. But that leads to another issue. The snow never stopped until recently, so wouldn't it just keep piling up endlessly? This is an excellent question, and we've figured that somehow...the snow was and is being regulated. The amount of snow changed constantly, at the same time as the temperature fluctuated just slightly. But we found patterns in this data leading us to believe some being must be behind the regulation."

I could feel my mind working hard to understand that. Somebody was behind all of this? Who? And why? What reason would anyone have to kill off the majority of the human race? It seemed like a really not well thought through idea.

"For now, I'm going to have to end class. But we will discuss this more tomorrow," the lady said, picking up the eraser and erasing all of the words on the white board. She seemed annoyed, and I wondered if she had just ended class early on purpose. If I were her, I might have done the same. The room was immediately filled with chatter as everyone around me stood up and walked towards the door. I stayed there, not ready to leave just yet.

She seemed to notice me after a couple seconds. "Go on. Class is over," she said, pointing towards the door. "You're probably just as bored by this as the rest of them..."

I stood up awkwardly, but rather than walking towards the door, I leaned against my desk. "Does anyone know why it started?" I asked her.

She looked up from her desk where she'd been shuffling papers, seeming shocked that I was actually asking her a question. She stood up cautiously and shoved her rectangular glasses further up her nose before crossing her arms at her chest. "No...they have no clue...."

"Do you think someone would have a reason to do this to the world?" I remembered what she'd mentioned about someone actually regulating everything. If they were regulating it, wouldn't that mean they also must have caused it?

"I really don't know...," she replied, shaking her head. After a second, she seemed to reconsider. "I mean there are probably reasons...overpopulation...hatred...a need for power. Somebody seeing a problem with the world that they thought this would be the best answer. But based on recent findings....we're getting more and more certain that this was on purpose...all of it. It's scary."

I nodded in understanding. "That would be scary...," I agreed before picking up the books I'd been given from my desk and shoving them into the pack I'd found in my room. As I straightened back up and turned to leave, she stopped me with her words.

"Thank you," she said, looking genuinely pleased that somebody actually cared about her lessons. I turned around and smiled at her.

"'s really interesting," I replied, before rushing out the door to prepare for my next activity. Training.

And I wasn't too excited for it.

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