Chapter Seventy-Five

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The sun seemed to be extra bright in the sky.

That was something the girl didn't see everyday. She'd become so used to cloudy gray skies where the snow always fell down and not an ounce of sun peaked through. But with the warm weather of the Equator, it wasn't always so odd to see the bright star in the sky, watching over the suffering people below.

She'd started to feel more normal in her tank top and jeans as she walked down the street. She knew exactly where she wanted to go. It was a place down the city street and up a block. Today, the streets felt emptier than usual, with only a couple others walking down the pavement, going about their lives as if nothing had changed since the end. Occasionally, she was disturbed by the citizens' apathy, but most of the time she was just grateful to be there.

It was a hard road getting here.

The girl felt the sun beating on her back. Wearing black not have been the best idea.

It had taken another round of self-convincing to get out of her room after the first one. It took so long that she ended up falling asleep, and waking up the next morning to get where she was now. It only proved even more how much she had to change. She'd been herself for a while, and needed someone new.

She turned the corner towards what she knew would be the shops at the end of the street. She could already see the hint of them, where the white lined paved road came to a stop, leading instead to an open market, with people bustling about. There were more people there than she'd seen in the streets. No matter the day or time, the shops always seemed to be extremely crowded. And even more, from her position at the edge of the street, she could already see what she needed. She had enough money in her pocket to buy something good enough. Something she could use to Change.

The sun was shining, the clouds above screamed of calm, and she felt more excited than she had in weeks.

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