Chapter Eighty-Eight

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I tended to be a person who hated plot twists.

Specifically, when they were happening to me. All of it was just too much to handle for the moment and I wanted to get out of there. I didn't want to hear anything else - I feared that it would only make things even more confusing.

I was absolutely done with confusion for the day.

The only problem was I couldn't get up.

My body was still strapped to the table although Dr. Conway was no longer holding the mask above my face. I didn't have anything on me to break through the straps either. The only good part of the situation was that in Dr. Conway's haste, she hadn't exactly tightened the strap around my mid body as much, leaving a bit of room for my wrists to move around. I could see the buckle for the strap on my upper body...maybe I could get out.

It was my only option.

I was pretty sure Asten and Dr. Conway were still arguing about something, and everyone else was still focused on them, hoping one of them would let out more useful information. Actually, it was a good thing that we knew this. It was evidence directly against the Equator, which we could use to try to bring it down. If the people of the Equator knew what was going on, they wouldn't want to be here anymore.

But those were thoughts for another day.

The strap was just below my elbow. I twisted my wrist around, bending it towards me. It was an uncomfortable maneuver, but somehow, with a lot of force, I managed to bend my elbow so that my hand was in line with the upper strap. Then, all it took was simply pushing the buckle and my upper half was free.

I don't even think anyone noticed. I unbuckled my legs and rolled out of the chair just as Dr. Conway began majestically crafting an argument in response to Asten. I didn't know what she was talking about, and I didn't care. I picked up a nearby tray, and smashed it against the side of her head with all my might while she was mid-sentence.

She hit the ground immediately. I looked up at the others in the doorway, and over at the guards who looked to surprised to move. "Let's go," I muttered, and walked quickly towards the door, ignoring everyone's shocked faces.

"Let's go, it is, then...," I heard Asten murmur under his breath. I ignored it and kept walking although I had no clue where exactly I was going. Everyone else was still following me. I knew we had to go fast, since the guards were no longer being shoved into the room with us no longer in the doorway. They could call for back up. At that thought, I started to jog, towards the door in the back of the large white room we were now in. The screen remained blank behind me. I paused and glanced over at Asten. Understanding my question without me having to ask it he nodded his head in the direction of a door on one wall of the room I hadn't noticed earlier. On it, in bright red, were the words "Emergency Exit". It would probably set off an alarm, but Asten seemed to know what he was doing.

He took lead and ran towards the door, just as I heard shouting of more guards coming to try to stop us. They didn't matter. The door was open in under a second and I felt cool air blast against my face as our small group single filed its way out the door.

I brought my hand up to guard my face against the wind as the door slammed shut behind me. Everyone else was running ahead, and I heard January call out for me to hurry up. I began jogging again across the pavement towards what seemed to be a large truck with its back open. It looked much like the one I'd been brought to the place in, except this truck had a red "o" with a line through it marking it's side.

Rose stood in the back of the truck beckoning us to run faster and jump in. I grabbed her offered hand and pulled myself up into the truck, immediately leaning against the wall so the next person could get in behind me. Mace was behind the girl who came on after me, except instead of joining us in the back, he shook his head and pointed to the front. I wondered if part of it had to do with his wound. Rose just nodded and he disappeared from view as she slammed the back door shut, leaving us in complete darkness. I heard a couple gasps, and then a light suddenly flickered on above us.

I looked around and was able to see the pale faces of the people I'd gotten to know in the past couple months. Jadyn and Axel sat near each other, with Axel holding Jadyn to his chest. Asten sat in a corner, watching Rose as if he were expecting her to start giving more orders. January sat alone with her knees pulled up to her chest staring off into space. The rest seemed in various states of surprise and disarray. A lot had happened in the past week. I wasn't sure I was exactly in my best mental state either.

Rose was still standing by the door. "This isn't going to be the shortest trip, but I promise, we'll be getting you all far away from the Equator," she reassured as the truck began to move. I felt the wood beneath my body bumping up and down as it ran over the rough pavement. I didn't know what she meant by that, but any consolation was good at that moment. I didn't care if she was driving this truck straight to hell - I was just glad to be getting away from here.

She seemed satisfied with our non-reaction and let out a sigh. She checked once more that the door was locked and then seemed content with our situation. "All right, just sit tight-"

She stopped abruptly.

Just as the truck abruptly stopped moving.

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