Chapter Sixty-Three

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Abi was standing in the middle of the room, with her arms crossed when the two of us walked back in.

Mace was still on the bed, but the cloth on his leg had been tied tight enough so it had stopped the bleed. He wasn't conscious, which worried me, but Abi wasn't freaking out so I assumed things would be okay for the moment.

"Do you know if he's going to be all right?" I asked Abi as she looked at us.

She nodded slowly. "I think so. I'm pretty sure the bullet went through. And I also am hoping it didn't hit anything too important. He isn't dead."

"That's good...," I said, as I sat down on the edge of the other bed in Abi's room. I wondered where the rest of her roomates were. She obviously couldn't be the only one. "Do you have anyone else in your room?" I asked.

She nodded as she put her hands on her hips. "Yea....but they tend to be in other rooms. Your technically not supposed to, but...well my roommates are triplets. But only two of them are in my room. So they like to go visit their third occasionally. Tonight they decided to sleep over there."

"They won't interrupt us then?" Asten said, asking the same question that I had on my mind.

Abi shook her head no. It was quiet for a few moments.

Then, I remembered the snipers up on the roof of the building. They shouldn't have been there.

"What happened, tonight? I thought you said the guards wouldn't be watching?" I asked. Abi sighed and shook her head like she didn't know either.

"I tried. But for some reason they had more snipers than I expected. I got most of them to leave, but a few were stuck behind." I wanted to ask her how she'd done that, but it didn't matter now. What was done was done.

"I guess the real question now is what are we going to do about him....," Asten mumbled as he stared at Mace's motionless body. I had no idea how to answer him. I didn't have a clue.

If Mace didn't show up to breakfast and class the next day they would know something was wrong and would come looking for him. That meant that he had to go. But if Mace was limping in front of the guards, they would immediately be able to tell that something was wrong with him and they might suspect him to be the one who was shot the night before. If he died before tomorrow, then that would still be a problem, since they would definitely know that he'd been the one sneaking out and would probably interrogate our room to figure out which of us helped him.

And even worse would be if they got a sample of his blood from the ground outside and just ran a DNA test to figure out who he was. They were fully capable of doing that with the amount of technology they had and it scared me.

There didn't seem to be a single good way that this could work out.

The only solution was to hope that Mace woke up tomorrow and would be okay enough to be able to fake being perfectly fine. It would take a lot of effort on his part. I couldn't even imagine how much pain he must have been in at that moment.

Asten seemed to accept that there was no way to respond to the question he brought up. "I think there's something else we need to deal with, too...," he started, which made me nervous. Just the way he said it allowed me to know that this would just add more problems to my piling list. "Mace didn't want to get all of us out."

I'd been hoping he wouldn't mention it. I was trying not to think about that either and what it might imply. Was Mace really just that unconcerned for the well-being of all of us? Would he have left me behind, too, if he'd gotten the chance?

I didn't want to think badly of Mace. He'd been helping me since the very beginning. He accepted both Asten and I into the Snow Society even though we were possibly the least trustworthy people on the planet.

And yet I couldn't help but wonder why his character had so drastically changed for those few moments.

I looked up at Abi, who I would expect to have some answers. Her and Mace had obviously developed a friendship during his time here and maybe she'd know more about it. She looked just as lost as Asten and I.

"Maybe we should wait for a better time. Seeing our circumstances, that might not be our most critical problem," I replied when nobody else did.

Asten still seemed bothered. There was nothing else we could do now, but wait. We would wait for Mace to wake up. And then we would wait to see if he'd be able to survive with a gunshot wound and act like nothing was wrong.

I felt hopeless. Even though I knew there was a chance things might work out, I still felt utterly hopeless.

We hadn't escaped. We hadn't saved everyone. And now Mace was wounded and would make our already difficult stay at the complex even harder.

And the hardest part was knowing that there was absolutely nothing that any of us could do about it but wait and see what happened.

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