Chapter Three

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Somehow, my knife hit its target.


My feet had propelled my body forward, straight in the direction of the woman who was closing the handcuffs around the boy's hands. My knife was out, ready to stab anything it could. And it did.

It landed straight in the woman's shoulder.

My feet hit the ground milliseconds after my blade sunk in, but I was unable to keep myself up. I felt my knees bend and my body fall to the ground, my hand leaving the knife behind. Immediately, she howled and let go of the chain that now hung from the boy's handcuffs. She whipped her head around to face me, and pulled out her gun.

I scrambled backwards, no longer having anything to defend myself with. The knife was still in her shoulder, and there was nothing nearby that I could use as a weapon. The woman raised the gun and pointed it at me.

"Wait, Thalia. She could be useful. We could sell her," her partner said, walking towards her slowly with one hand out, as if trying to placate a wild animal.

Thalia stared down at me, her fingers gripping the gun tightly enough that they turned white. I could see how much she wanted to pull the trigger, to completely ignore the words of her partner.

"I know," she said, not moving the gun away from my head. I could see the man standing not very far away and holding the chains of the twins. "But she's too dangerous."

Thalia pulled the trigger.

The sound of clanking metal filled the air. Then, there was a loud crack as the chains to the boy's handcuffs slammed into Thalia's skull. It was the same boy who'd shot the man.

The bullet that had been destined for me was thrown off course by the attack and slammed into a crate. I stared in shock, before realizing how helpless I still was. I stood up quickly and looked around on the ground for something. The gun that Thalia had been holding had fallen at her feet as she turned around to face the boy. I snatched it off the ground just as another shot rang out, and I looked to my right where the man stood, one hand still gripping the chains of the prisoners.

His tranquilizer gun was pointed at me, but the dart had missed. I pointed the gun I now held in my hands at the man. I wasn't seriously going to shoot him, but my ploy seemed to work, causing him to freeze.

Thalia fell to the ground, her hands barely stopping her face from smashing into the cement. The boy smashed his heel into her head, and she fell unconscious.

Her partner was on high alert. He swung his gun back and forth between the two of us. I could see in the eyes that he was no longer as confident. It was two against one, and he also had the chains in his hands.

I kept my gun pointed at the man. Before I could say anything, the boy stepped forward and took the words straight from my mouth. "Just let them go...and you can walk out of here unharmed," he warned. I hoped the boy knew that I wasn't serious about hurting him. I wasn't sure I had the guts to shoot a desperate man in the head.

He seemed indecisive, but I could tell it was only to try catching us off guard. He wanted us to think he was considering the offer. Before I could even thin about pulling the trigger, he was running towards the door, trying to drag the two weak hostages he had behind him.

Unfortunately, the added weight made it nearly impossible for him to move fast.

The boy sprinted at the man. I watched as he pinned the man to the ground and drew his arm back, prepared to knock him out just like he had with Thalia. A glint of silver flashed in the air and I shouted, but it was already too late. The man's blade sliced across the boy's shoulder. I wanted to help him, to run in and do something, but there really was nothing I could do. I only had my gun, but it was useless in this situation. I didn't trust my aim enough to shoot the right person.

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