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Long time no talk i know, i know I've been terrible lately. But hopefully you will put me back in your good books because i've been feeling creative lately and uploaded twice in two days:) I don't know about other writers, but sometimes i find myself struggling to write one paragraph at other times i can write five chapters in one day. It all depends on how im feeling. Luckly I've been feeling really good and excited about this story, so much that ive sitting for two almost two hours writing. To be honest i wasn't planning on uploading this and wanted to wait, but i was too excited and i felt bad because i hadn't uploaded in ages, so i was like what the hell? I'll upload. 

In other news, I've recently uploaded the first chapter of my other story "Goodbye Girl" and some of you might know this already but i'll mention it again. It's in its beginning stages (only a prologue that i wrote ages ago and the 1st chapter). So if you have some spare time on your hands and are looking for something to read check it out. It's NOT a werewolf story. But i think you guys will enjoy it still. Trialer is to the side check that out and if you like what you see than start reading on:http://www.wattpad.com/story/616102-goodbye-girl. 

So i hope you enjoy this chapter. I think you will lots happened and i cant wait to upload the next chapter but that might take a litte while so as always be patient with me ! I would like again thank all my readers you guys are the best. And one last question I've been getting requests to go into Alex and Leah night together that happened after Troy's Party. What do you guys think? Should i write it? 

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Chapter 10: Home, Sweet Home

Jake saw a figure run across him on the floorboard as he opened his bedroom door. At first he thought it was a thief or something, so he followed it. He later realised that the figure was Leah.

“Leah!” He called but she kept running. So he ran after her until he caught her by the arm. Sparkling tears were following down her eyes. Her hair was dripping wet. She was a complete mess.

“What wrong?”

“Blake…vampires…Blake…have to get home.” She talked as if afraid that words would fail her at any moment. Jake not knowing what to do pulled her close and gave her a hug. Leah cried harder. Rain was beginning to fall as they stood outside, in front of the Jake’s house. Jake picked Leah up and placed her in his car.

“Wait right here, I’ll just get my keys and a few things. I’ll be right back.” Leah nodded as she wiped the tears with her sleeves. But it was useless because they kept coming down like the rain that was falling down now.

True to his words, Jake was there in less than five minutes. Leah didn’t even notice Jake opening the door to the car until he slammed the door shut, which made her jump. She sat quietly, her thoughts racing as Jake drove well above the speed limit.

“It will be okay. I promise.” He assured her as he gave her hand a little squeeze. She didn’t say anything but squeezed Jake’s hand back to let him know she appreciated it. She couldn’t bear the thought of Blake not being okay. What would she do without her brother? Memories of when they were children flooded her mind. When they were about five, Leah had dropped her ice cream on the ground and had begun to cry. Blake looked at his ice cream and than back Leah and than back at the ice cream, finally deciding to give his scoop to her. She remembered the time a mean girl in first grade had pushed her and Blake had made sure that the girl never touched Leah again. The countless times he had covered for her and Katie as they sneaked to one party or another. More tears began to fall. Guilt started eating at her, maybe if she had sucked it up and stayed at Clearwater, this would never have happened. She was a terrible sister.

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