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Chapter 3: The Inevitable

Alex’s POV

I woke up to the bright rays of sunshine that escaped my creamy blinds. There was a huge weight on my shoulders and I wished I could have had a few more hours of oblivion. The events of last night came crashing down: the blurring music, the blonde girl and the guilt. Looks like my wolf wasn’t going to let me forget it so soon.

I stayed laid down for a few more moments thinking about what I was going to say to Leah. Deep down I knew no matter what I said the result would be the same: a broken hearted Leah. At the thought of her, my heartbeat increased and every part of me was begging to go find her. She had an unbelievable pull on me and it felt like the strings she had were attached right to my heart. I had to gather all my strength for what I was about to do. In the long run, it was for the best and I knew that.

Seeing as over thinking the inevitable wasn’t helping, I decided on taking a nice cold shower to help me deal with the uncleanness I was feeling and also to make it easier for me to have the talk with Leah.

Numerous ways of how my conversation would go down poured down my head with the cascade of the shower. None of them seemed right and they all led to one result: a heartbroken Leah. I didn’t know if I could watch her breakdown in front of me.  I decided to approach this with a jerk attitude. After all I played that role the best and that way she could realise she could do better. At the thought, an image came to my mind of Leah with another person smiling and it was almost enough to change my mind. Almost.

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