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Alex was taken back at his best friend’s nerve to ask so directly. Well he doesn’t beat around the bush does he? He thought.

“What do you mean?” Alex deciding the playing dumb was his best (only) option, gave a confused look. Though he doubted that for a second it fazed Jason. After all, they were best friends.

“Come on Alex! Don’t play dumb with me. I’m your best friend for God’s sake. I know when you’re pulling shit like this with me.” Alex sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

“Sit. I’ll tell you everything. But I swear if you tell anyone, especially Leah, anything I’m going to tell you now, you’ll be a dead dog.”

Chapter 5: The Indecision
Alex watched as Jason took a seat. Waited for a few seconds, trying to decide how to best phrase his thoughts before giving a sigh of frustration at the impossible seeming task.

“Well for starters, Leah is my mate.”

“No shit Sherlock. That much I worked out.”  Alex gave his friend a look and contemplated the appropriateness of slapping Jason across the head.

“Whatever. You asked me to tell you what’s going on. If your going to be making smart ass comments like that, then just leave.”  Alex waited for the confirmation that Jason wouldn’t be interrupting him anymore. It was hard enough saying all this out loud as it was. The stupid comments weren’t helping.


“Fine, fine. I won’t interrupt anymore. You were saying…”

“Okay good. I found out about Leah on my birthday, the morning of the meeting when she was late. I sent her a message through the connection we now have, telling her not to tell anyone and I’d talk to her later. After that we met at the cliff the next day and I told her the mate thing wasn’t for me.” Alex watched as his words sank in and transformed Jason’s face into one of shock.

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