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Beloved friends,

First I want you all to know that this wasn’t an easy decision to make. It was a tough one.  But after some thought, I saw that this would be the best for me. I have decided to move to Belmont Bay and spend my senior year at Belmont High. Most of you would recall me wanting to go there for a while and after I received my acceptance letter, I didn’t see any reason not leave, except you guys of course. But I feel like I need some space to grow outside of my comfort zone and this was a perfect opportunity for that.


Belmont High is a very prestige school and one of the best, I even received a scholarship there and that made my decision clearer. I hope you all understand. I’ll try to visit in the breaks and next summer I’ll hopefully be back. Jake already said that you guys can visit anytime, so don’t be strangers. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys soon. My phone is also with me, so call at anytime if you guys need something.


P.S. If you’re wondering why I didn’t tell you this in person, it’s because Jake was in a hurry to leave and he offered me a ride and I didn’t have time to. I’ll call you guys as soon as I get to Belmont Bay.


Lots of Love,



Alex crunched the paper with unbelievable anger. Was fate this cruel? After a while his anger faded into sorrow and he sat down with his hands on his face, knowing very well the real reason for Leah leaving. Him.


Chapter 8: All Kinds of Hurt

Leah sat clenching to Jake’s unbelievably toned stomach as he turned his motorcycle this way and than that. The experience of it all was extremely frightening yet at the same time exhilarating for Leah.  The wind could be felt by her whole being, clinging to her shape like a tight dress, the passing scenery was a blur of nothing. She felt free from everything in that moment.  The speed somehow separated her from the gravity of real life and gave her a clear mind. She decided that she would ask Jake to teach her how to ride one. She was suddenly hopeful of what she could find at Belmont Bay. But really she was in search of peace of mind, a way to subside this longing desire in her for Alex. 

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