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As the water fell on him, he realised that the damage was truly done and that he had to tell Leah the truth. Not only her but Blake too. And if he was going to tell Blake, he might as well tell the whole pack. He decided on that he was going to hold a meeting tonight and come clean. He would tell Leah everything and let her decide. She still could have a chance of remaining safe if she decided not to be with. No one would know that they were mates outside the pack and thus no one would know that the protection had been broken.


Meeting tonight at six sharp. Do not be late. He told his pack after getting dressed. 


Leah got out of the shower refreshed and very much numb. She heard her phone beeped and she went to get it out of her bag.

Where are you? Are you okay? It was a text from Jake. In fact there was about ten missed calls from him and another dozen texts.

Yeah I’m fine. I’m home. Sorry I left without telling you. She messaged him back. Just then her phone rang.


“Leah! Don’t ever do that again. Do you know how worried I was about you?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Are you okay?” She felt the tears rush back down her face.

“Leah are you crying?” Leah didn’t answer.

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