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Alex sat down on his bed more confused than ever. He vaguely heard the sound of the door closing in the background as all his plans went up in smoke. He was sure of what he was doing before but now he was questioning his decision. Leah did deserve to know. He knew that much. But still he didn’t think he had it in him to give her the real reason. Like he said before what if she decided she didn’t care about any of the danger? He couldn’t reject her again. And he’d have to tell her about Blake too. He didn’t want to put Leah in a position where she was choosing between her brother and him. No it was better the way it is now. Easier for both her and Alex. For everyone.  


Chapter 6: Troy's Party (Part 1)

Katie watched as Leah walked besides her, not listening to a thing she was saying. She had been this way for days now and Katie had no idea what was bothering Leah.

“What about we go and roll in grass?”

“Meh. Sure. Why not?” Leah said, without much thought. She had been out of it for the past week. Words ceased to have meaning and just flew past her like the morning wind.

“Leah! What’s got into you? You have not listened to a word I’ve said for days now. Seriously what’s wrong? You’re scaring me.” Katie watched as her words made no sense to Leah at all. There could have been a dinosaur in front of Leah, threatening to eat her and she would have not cared. Katie getting fed up stopped walking, stopping Leah too. Katie put her hands on Leah’s shoulders and shook her hard.

“Snap out of it!” She yelled. Katie watched as a little spark of life appeared in Leah’s huge brown dotted with green eyes. It was nothing compared to the bright spark that Katie always envied in Leah’s carefree eyes. It was like comparing a candle to the sun.

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