The Rejected Mate

The Rejected Mate

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Carla By lonelysummerdays Updated Mar 19, 2014

Leah Roberts is thrilled to find out that her mate is the very sexy Alex Snider also the alpha of her pack.

But Alex has other plans, he doesn't want a mate and rejects Leah as his mate.

No longer, able to stand the pull towards Alex and the hurt of his rejection,leah decides that enough is enough and leaves Alex's pack for good. 

Alex meanwhile has other reasons why he doesn't want a mate and is finding himself weaker and weaker against the pull of his mate. When he finds Leah gone and knows it's all to do with him, he sinks in guilt and despair.

  • after
  • alex
  • inevitable
  • leah
  • love
  • mate
  • math
  • mating
  • rejected
  • werewolves
DiddlySquats DiddlySquats Aug 04, 2017
Your in your last year of high school and your this bad a writing..? The story line goes alone to quickly and some of the chapters aren't even interesting. I do not see myseld ever recommending this to a friend or even finishing the book.
BestUserEverNot BestUserEverNot Apr 05, 2016
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, *friend* "why you counting down?" *me* "oh I just attached a bomb to his shirt" *friend* "okay." 4, 3, 2, 1, KABOOM!!
PantherG14 PantherG14 May 23, 2016
Hey just wanted to say, my last name is snider too!😂 just thought that was really cool I've been on watt pad for a long time and this is the first time I've seen my name before
xxlove_me_morexx xxlove_me_morexx Jun 06, 2016
She's not asking you to give up everything for her, she just wants your love
fatherelle fatherelle Jun 02, 2016
DianaNanguang9495 DianaNanguang9495 Jun 09, 2016
That Prof that men don't think of anything else but themselves