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Chapter 6: Troy’s Party (Part 2)

“What did he want?” Asked Leah, relieved that Alex had left and the awkward ride was over.

“Oh nothing. Wanted to know if he could come to the party.”

Leah stopped abruptly in the middle of the porch. Why can’t he just leave me alone?  She thought.

“What would Alex want from a high school party?”

“Look around Leah, these people are not in high school. They’re all college people.”

Leah, finding that there was no point in rising Katie’s suspicion, decided to keep her mouth shut and ignore him. Noticing that she was standing motionless like an idiot, she resumed following Katie. She was to avoid him at all costs. It shouldn’t be hard considering that there are so many people here anyway. She thought.

The bright lights blinded her at first but then illuminated her surroundings. The smell of alcohol was in the air along with blurring music and very hormonal kids. She sighed. A week ago she would have jumped at the thought of a party with college boys, especially good looking ones.  Look at me? Mopping around like some lovesick girl. Time to live it up. With that thought in mind she went to find some alcohol and lost Katie in the mess that was surrounding her. 


Alex walked around the party scene, wondering where Leah had disappeared to. Looking around what seemed to be a normal weekend party, he spotted Katie dancing with a bottle of beer in one hand. She seemed to be totally wasted.

“Katie!” He shouted as he made his way to where she was dancing. Katie stopped dancing at the sound of her name and spotted Alex.

“Hey Alex! Having fun?”

“Yeah sure, where’s Leah?”

“Who?” She shouted over the music.

“Leah.” Alex repeated.

“I don’t know. She got lost in the crowd when we got here.”  Alex glared at her while she just kept dancing. How could she have lost Leah? What was worse she didn’t even care.

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