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Chapter 4: The Aftermath

Leah sighed as she realised that she must return soon to the pack house for school. The fact that she must face Alex dawned on her and after the horrible confrontation they had the other day, she was startled for a moment. Before coming to the conclusion that she shouldn’t care. Just like he didn’t and doesn’t care. Deep down, she knew she was lying to herself and that she cared. A lot. He was her mate after all. Nothing could change that, not even Alex.

After recovering her clothing or better, what was left of her clothing, she began to make her way back through the familiar woods of Clearwater. The woods were always a sign of comfort to her, just like they were to any other werewolf, but this seemed to change for her. They were now a symbol of her despair and an ever-standing reminder of the rejection she had received from Alex.  Anger boiled in her blood at the thought of him. He had ruined the woods for her and all the beautiful memories she cherished inside it: her and Blake playing as kids, the first time she shifted into a werewolf, her first hunt and so many others. They were all now overshadowed by one horrible memory she wished she could forget.

She always thought that when she found her mate, her happiness would be complete. What a joke that turned out to be. It seemed to have had the exact opposite effect. It shattered the happiness from her life completely and left her in bubble of despair. She felt like life was mocking her by giving her a mate that couldn’t be with her. Not couldn’t. Doesn’t want to.  She corrected. She let out another sigh and continued her walk through the deep woods, hoping that Alex had changed his mind about them. She laughed at her silly wish. Alex wasn’t the kind to make such a crucial decision and then suddenly change his mind. Once he made up his mind about something, it stayed that way. It was something Leah used to admire in him. She liked a person who could live with the decisions they made in life despite the consequences. Alex had done just that countless times as Alpha and it always seemed to be okay in the end. Though she doubted there would be an “okay” for her in this decision that he made.

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