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Chapter 2: The Mating

(1 day earlier)

Alex’s POV

I was sitting alone by the large cliff that Clearwater was so famous for. Today I would be officially the Alpha of my pack because today I turned twenty-one.  It was a scary thought, although it wouldn’t be much different from what I was doing now; any failure in the pack would be now directly linked to me and not to mention finding a mate. The thought of being bound to one person disgusted me. In my list of cons and pros of being a werewolf, having a mate would definitely be on top of my con list. I watched as the golden ball of light slowly rose up the sky and transformed the midnight blue to flying colours of red and orange. Everything began to come to view, including my destiny. Whatever happened, I hoped that it would take a long time to find my mate. Not for my sake, but for hers.

I sighed and began to make my way to my house. It was more a house than a home. It was large and beautiful looking from the outside, but the inside reminded me too much of what I could have had. The inside was cold and unwelcoming. At night it was so quiet, I could praactically hear the soft wind outside and my own heartbeat. I lived alone in a house too big and for that reason nearly every night I spent watching the sun rise up at the cliff.  I don’t know but the sun gave me hope, made me warm and wiped away the coldness and bitterness of the night. It signaled another day, another chance.

Too quickly, I was standing in front of large familiar black gates. I got out my keys and pressed a button that opened the gate and made my way inside. My house stood in all its uncompromised glory. It was like a person who put a smile on their face to hide all the pain they felt inside. 

Inside, I stared at the photos of my mother and father that covered the expensive creamy walls. The only thing I had left of them. A pity, I didn’t even have a single memory of them. And I was the only mark they left in the world. Their son. My parents were murdered and I would be too, if the murders knew I existed. Not lingering on such thoughts on my twenty-first birthday, I made my way up the stairs, had a quick shower and changed into a black shirt and faded denim.

Meet me at the Berserker’s rock. I called to my pack as I broke into a fast run. When I got to the said place, only Jason and Jamie were there. 

“He bro, happy birthday, finally twenty-one.” Jason congregated me and gave me one of those manly hugs.

“Happy birthday Alpha.” Jamie teased.

“Shut up.”

 “So you excited, you’re going to finally find your mate and you know what that mean: no more playing around.” Added Jamie. 

“Well I’m not too sure about that.” 

“We’ll see, you’ll probably fall head over heels for her, and follow her around like a love sick puppy, pun intended.” Both Jason and Jamie broke into laughter at that.

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