Dear loyal and beautiful readers,

I know it's been a long time since I've uploaded anything and I owe you guys an explanation. To be quite honest with you I had lost inspirition and wasn't up to the task of writing. I tried to sit down and write something many times knowing that I had fans expecting me to upload but I couldn't complete sentences little alone a whole chapter with paragraphs that were made up of many sentences.  I haven't been well in the past year. I found myself feeling down all the time and felt this great overwhelming feeling of emptiness and like nothing mattered anymore. I didn't think I was good enough for anything anymore. I would seriously just stand infront of a mirror and the face I saw staring back was filled with disgust and anguish pared with this empty look. 

I don't know what exactly was wrong with me. My life was seeming to go very well but I just wasn't all there. It wasn't even sadness it was just this nothingness of a feeling and when I did feel it would be one of two extremes: really happy or really down. There was no middle.

Recently however I've been feeling better and taking some balance back. So I thought I'd take up writing again and by some miracle I completed a whole chapter (a short one but a chapter nevertheless). 

So I hope you can be understanding and stay with me for the ride.

Enjoy this short chapter but a chapter nevertheless!

P.S Not edited 




The Unraveling

The rain hammered at the windows with such force it was a wonder that they were still whole. Leah watched as everything became drenched in water with puddles here and there. She wondered whether she was doing the right thing and whether putting Jake in that position was fair when she knew he had feelings for her. But you’re not his mate. The little voice in her head said. It was true she wasn’t his mate and technically when he found her he wouldn’t have feelings for Leah anymore. But what if he didn’t find her? She knew lots of werewolves didn’t. She cared about Jake, she even had feelings for him but they were microscopic compared to the way she felt about Alex. God he was annoying. Why couldn’t he just tell her why they couldn’t be together instead of making things so damn complicated?

Anger raised its head inside of her like a forgotten child, demanding attention, demanding to be felt. He still thought of her as a little girl. She was his mate, he was supposed to regard her as an equal. Obviously someone out there thought they were otherwise why would they be mates? She was sick being seen as someone who couldn’t handle the truth. She wanted answers.

Jake held Leah’s hand as they approached the living room. He could feel that the room was full. He knew he was stepping on dangerous grounds and that it was best for him if he had simply said no to her plans. He knew that she’d pick Alex over him in an instant and that he was only going to get his heart broken. Yet he couldn’t say no to her because he sensed her desperation and her wanting for closure. Maybe once she found the answers she was looking for she’d come to grips with Alex’s decisions. Then maybe, maybe she’d give him a chance. He knew she had feelings for him before the whole finding mate situation and he hoped that a tiny spark of them still survived. He could make her happy and he sure as hell wouldn’t hurt her like Alex was hurting her now. She deserved better.

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