Hey guys, now if you opened this page, that means you're about to read my story, which is really exciting for me ! :)

My name is Carla and this is my first story being posted on this site. I just feel that an introduction is required because you're a reader and you're about to (if you haven't ran away yet from all my babbling) read my story so it is important  that we have a basic reader-writer relationship (or at least that's what my English teacher is always saying). So here it goes my name is Carla, I'm 17 and my favorite color is blue. I'm from Australia and I absolutely love the sun. If you want to know more please check my page and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

I Know that i'm a new writer and this is my first story and that there's probably a million other stories on this site that have werewolves in them. I want you to know that my story will be different, just like any other writer i'm unique so my story will be unique. Basicaly i'm asking you not to get turned off by the fact that my story is on something very overdone. 

I am open to all critism, so if you have anything to say about my story please do, it will be much appreciated and will go a long way in making me a better writer. 

One more thing, i'm a perfectionst and am currently in my final year of highschool so i will probably be very busy.  In other words i have other piroities and as much as i love writing, i may not always upload fast. So please be patient:) 

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Chapter 1 : Not wanted

“Leah, I can’t.”  He said and at that moment everything seemed to fall apart around me. Nothing made sense anymore.

“But… I… you’re my mate!”

He ran his muscular, tanned hands through his perfectly smooth hair and released a long sigh that seemed to be pushing me away from him, creating space between us.

“Because. For one, you are five years younger than me and to be honest I don’t want a mate. I like my single life and besides I have a pack to manage they have to have my full attention.”  I stared at him in disbelief, he thought I was a distraction, on top of that he just admitted to wanting to play around. The realization that I wasn’t enough for him hit me full force and I struggled to keep my tears in check. What is one to say to that?

We stood in the ear-deafening silence, looking at each other, none of us knowing what to say to the other. I had my hands in tight fists and the jerk was just standing there, no emotion on his face, he didn’t even care that we were mates,  All the tears I was holding back finally won the war and were streaming down my face.  Getting revenge.  Stupid tears. I hated feeling weak. I looked at his face and I saw pity in his eyes and that seemed to be the last straw. I didn’t want or need his pity. I wanted him. 

“Fine.” I managed and turned around in an attempt to keep what little dignity I had left.

“Leah, wait.” But I didn’t. I kept walking. This was too much. I knew if I turned around, I would fall to my knees and beg him to reconsider. Leah Roberts begged no one. I could hear his steady, long steps behind me and he suddenly grabbed my arm. At that moment everything seemed to fade. There was only him and me. My heartbeat was moving at an unnatural speed and I felt hot all over to the point where I was sweating. We stood frozen for a moment before he finally let go of my arm and I hated my heart as it made a sad leap in my chest as the feeling of incompleteness rushed through me. It was like never knowing you needed something until you got a taste and than realised when it was gone that you couldn’t live without it.

“Sorry… I shouldn’t have…” He muttered. He was ashamed of touching my arm, but he didn’t care when he touched all those other STD carrying sluts. All my sadness turned to anger at the thought.

“Sorry?" I repeated. "You’re such a jerk!” I turned around and began punching his chest with all my strength. He didn’t even move an inch and that only angered me more which for some reason caused the tears to return.

 After it was apparent that I wasn’t going to stop any time soon, he gathered my hands in one of his big, strong ones.

“Leah, what do you want me to do? I’m not one of those guys that are willing to give everything up for their mate. I’m not the guy you want me to be. I’m just not.”

“How dare you? I never asked you to give up anything or be anything that you're not. I just wanted you to claim me as your mate. But that’s too much for the great Alex Snider!  No one’s good enough for him.” The last part wasn’t meant to be said aloud, and suddenly I felt ashamed and I was sure that my face showed every bit of that shame.

“But see you are. By asking me to be your mate, you’re asking me to give up who I am. I’m just not one to settle down. I’m sorry. I’m just not.” He was being very selfish. He didn’t think of me or what i wanted. I was never going to have another mate, thanks to him. 

“What did I do to deserve a mate like you? You know what? You're probably saving me a great load of trouble now. I’m sure I would of caught you with some slut at some point anyways because that’s what you are Alex, a man-whore. Nothing more. I don’t even know why I’m crying. You don’t deserve my tears.” I could of sworn that I saw a flash of hurt in his eyes and his hand tightened around mine, but the hurt quickly disappeared and the emotionless ice cold eyes were back.

“Well good then. You seem to finally get the point.” His words were so cold and harsh, that at that moment it was hard to believe he was my mate. Wasn’t your mate in crazy need for you? Didn’t he want you with a strength so strong that it penetrated everything that stood in its way? So why did my mate seem so detattached from me, like he didn’t really care.

I shook my hands out of his hand, turned on my heel and walked away from him. This time he didn’t come after me and another fresh batch of tears made its way down my face. I didn’t want to feel this way anymore, these human emotions were strangling me. They were unbearable. The one person that was supposed to love me no matter what rejected me. That was reason enough for me to turn to my wolf in broad daylight. Wolves unlike humans, were animals and didn’t feel as strongly as humans, even though my wolf was sad, to say the least, she could shut down her feelings more efficiently than my human form. I ran as fast  as my four legs could take me, my surroundings all a blur of nothing. With each stride, the pain of not being wanted become slowly weaker, until it was numb with exhaustion.   

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