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Hello hello hello! Yes, it is I, your beloved (but if I'm not beloved, that's chill too) Fangirl61322, back with another chapter! Yayy! *cue crazy cheering* Some of y'all are worried that I might not update like ever again, but please chillax. Understand that I am not a child of Poseidon/ Neptune, so therefore I am drowning in schoolwork (luckily I've got a floatie). But be assured my young padawans, I will continue to update! (and thanks for the 2.8K reads, 99 votes, and 121 comments, you guys are the bestest of the best)

          "So what do we have next... Potions?" I asked, gathering my books into one hand. With the other, I waved my wand over a stack of messy parchment, straightening them. During History of Magic, Harry and Ron had taught Leo and I a few simple spells, like 'Wingardium Leviosa,' and how to tidy up small things with the wave of a wand.

          "Unfortunately, yes," Harry sighed. Ron scowled, like he would rather go drink toilet water than go to Potions. "At least we don't have a double class with Slytherin on Mondays..." Harry muttered.

          "What's so bad about Potions?" Leo asked, practically bouncing with every step as we walked out of the classroom. "Isn't that where you learn to, like, make magic potions?"

          "It's not that Potions is bad as a class," Hermione cut in. "It's the teacher."

          Ron pulled a grim face, looking like he had just eaten a lemon, and lowered his voice into a monotone. "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind... and ensnare the senses... I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even... put a stopper... in death."

          Leo started cracking up.

          "No, that's really how Snape sounds!" Ron defended. "Like he's reading some funeral thing."

          "I bet he would throw a party if Harry stopped breathing," Hermione said dryly.

          "Mr. Potter... our new... ce-le-bri-ty," I imitated Snape's voice.

          "Yeah, he takes points off Gryffindor for no reason," Ron frowned. "And he dotes on the Slytherin. Malfoy is his favorite, that snake scum."

          "I bet he'll take points off for new Gryffindors," Hermione sighed, tucked her bushy hair behind her left ear.

          I rolled my neck to the side, making a cracking noise. "He sounds a little too strict..."

          Leo elbowed me, and whispered out of the corner of his mouth. "Sounds like Reyna."

          "Shut up."

          Secretly, I was glad that Leo was back to his annoying, usual self. After he had eaten some chocolate, he seemed alright. When questioned by Lupin, Leo had brushed if off as a bad dream. Once we got back together with the rest of our friends, we were going to try to figure the dream out ourselves, and maybe Iris message Chiron about it.

          "Here we are," Hermione announced sullenly as we entered the Potions room. "Leo, please try not to get on Snape's nerves too much. He already doesn't like us."

          Leo puffed out his cheeks. "You mean he's not on Team Leo?"

          Hermione smirked and rolled her eyes. She had adapted to Leo's antics rather well. "Is that what they called you back in America?"

          "Yup. Even Hazel is on Team Leo."

          Hermione arched an eyebrow. "Are you two dating?"

          Leo snorted. "Once upon a time, maybe. But no. Our past is pretty mixed up."

          "Is she dating anyone in your friend group?"

          "Oh, yeah! She and F - "

          I elbowed Leo hard in the ribs, and he cut off, glaring at me. "Dude! Why did you do that?"

          "Remember what Dumbledore said?" I mumbled.

          "So? Who is she dating?" Hermione persisted.

          "Blimey, Hermione," Ron groaned. "You don't need to get into their personal life. Does it really matter who snogs who?"

          Hermione pursed her lips angrily and stopped talking to us. Why is she being so hostile? We were getting along fine a moment before...

          "I will not have any idiots in my class this year," a low voice sounded from behind me.

          I whipped my head around so fast, I almost fell off my chair.

          "And here, I find I have two more incompetent fools to teach. No doubt you dunderheads know nothing of the delicate art of potion making." A tall, sallow-faced man stood behind me. He had dark greasy hair, a hooked-shape nose, and wore all black. He must be Snape.

          Leo voiced my thoughts. "Yo, where's the funeral at?" he whispered to me.

          Snape's dead gaze snapped to Leo. "Five points from Gryffindor for that unneeded comment," he said quietly. The rest of the Gryffindors groaned softly.

          Snape reminded me of a sunning snake. It just lays there, and you think it's dead, but once you get close enough, it lunges and bites.

          (I like to tell people that's how I got the scar on my lip. Piper is always too eager to tell the listener that I actually tried to eat a stapler.)

          I absentmindedly traced the furrow in my hair as Snape started talking in that soft, venomous voice of his, laying out plans for this year. Harry had said Snape was the head of the Slytherin house. Did that mean Piper and Percy would have to deal with him?

          Leo stifled a sneeze, catching a sharp glance from Snape.

          Nearby me, Ron and Harry were messing around, and Harry accidentally set his quill on fire. He quickly put it out, but the damage had been done. I sensed the danger moments before it happened.

          WHAM! A pair of hands slammed down on the desk in front of Ron and Harry. "Ten points from Gryffindor for disrupting class, Mr. Potter."

          That was fifteen points from my house, and it was only the first day!

~Leo: You guys know, if you ask us a question and the author really likes it, she might put it up here so you can get our answers...~

~Piper: What would anyone want to know about us?~

~Leo: For example: *flashes smile* what kind of toothpaste I use!~

~Hazel: You don't even brush your teeth.~

~Leo: I do too!~

~Jason: She's got a point Leo...~

~Leo: That was like one time, okay? I didn't realize the rest of you brought the all-important toothbrush on quests!~

~Frank: Can't you summon one out of your tool belt?~

~Leo: Dude! It doesn't summon bathroom appliances, it summons tools!~

~Annabeth: So it should be able to summon Percy?~

~The 7: ... ~

~Annabeth: *snaps her fingers in a Z formation*~

~Me: And the water kid has been burned.~


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