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          I narrowed my eyes at Leo, who was captivated by the moving staircases. Something about these new students didn't quite feel right. The fact that two of them got Slytherin wasn't good either. The seven students had seemed pretty close.

          "Hey 'Mione," Ron said, walking next to me was we went up the stairs. "You're thinking pretty hard about something."

          "How can you tell?"

          "See, your eyebrows get all scrunched like this - " he pushed his eyebrows together with his fingers, " - and your mouth gets all thin. Like how McGonagall looks when she's mad."

          "So you're saying I look like a 70 year old woman?" I arched my eyebrows.

          "No, no, not at all - " Ron said, hurriedly trying to fix his mistake. "You're much prettier - I mean, Professor McGonagall is much older - I mean - " Ron trailed off, looking lost and embarrassed.

          I stifled a giggle. I liked messing with Ron from time to time. Not to mention he looked cute when he was embarrassed. "I was just thinking about the new American students," I said.

          Ron looked relieved at the subject change. "Oh, really?"

          "Mhm. What do you think about them?"

          "I think that they're great!" he said enthusiastically. "This will definitely give us the upper hand over Slytherin!"


          "Jason would be great for the Quidditch team, I can tell. Leo's really funny, and Hazel is really nice too. She's already Ginny's new best friend."

          I crossed my arms as we led the cluster of younger students to the dorms. Jason was happily chatting with Harry, Hazel and Ginny had their arms interlocked, and Leo was talking in hushed tones with Fred and George. "I don't know. I don't really trust them."

          "What? Why not?"

          I gave him an incredulous look. "You don't think this is odd at all? Think about it Ron. We've never had exchange students before, much less from America. Dumbledore even made an announcement, and they don't know an ounce of magic. How is that not strange to you?"

          Ron shrugged. "I think that they seem like okay people. Dumbledore wouldn't have let them come if they were dangerous to us. If they are hiding something, then that's their business. They haven't done anything wrong."

          "Yet," I muttered.

          Later, I told myself, I will show Harry and Ron how suspicious this is. Then maybe we can use the Marauder's Map to keep an eye on them...

          We stepped into the Gryffindor dorms, and Ron gave the first years the customary welcome speech, and told them where their rooms were. Then he turned to the exchange students. "What should we do with you three then?"

          Ginny waved her hand. "Hazel can sleep with me and the other girls. We have an extra bed in our room."

          Harry nodded. "Leo and Jason can sleep in our room until we figure out what to do. Seamus and Neville are okay with going to a different room, but Jason and Leo will have to sleep on the floor tonight. Is that okay with you guys?" He directed the question to Jason and Leo.

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