Beautiful Beautiful [7] Wonder

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Light reflected through the lids of her eyes, causing her to silently move to her side in order to avoid the brightness. When she shifted, she sighed in content, finding a spot that had no light to bother her. In her dream she drifted between conscious and cataleptic as she dreamed about the two strangers trying to capture her. From her mind, she could feel fear coil around her body like a serpent, its cold scaly flesh traveling from her feet to her heart as it slithered its way to the very core of her anxiety.

Then, just as she was running in her dream state, one of the men stopped running. At first she didn't know what was happening, but when she turned to see f he had given up the chase, she found something more frightening.

She watched as he changed right before her very eyes. She recalled the way how his eyes dilate, their pupils enlarging before turning into slits. Her eyes widen as she witnessed his seamless shift from that of a mere man into a creature that she was very familiar with. His hands turning into fury paws that had very fine tipped nails that retracted as light brown colored paws, each equipped with fine claws that were made to rip into animal flesh as his body was soon covered in the same light brown fur.

Shifters. Her mind whispered, the word slipping into her thoughts as a shiver ran down her spine. Never in her life have she ever encounter others with the same trait as her.

Suddenly though, the scene changed and soon the mountain lion disappeared as a pair of gray eyes entered her mind, their startling silver color glowing in the sun's light in such a way that it took her breath away. Never in her life had she encountered such a fierce gaze that spoke of courage and held a hidden whisper of a benevolent nature that drew her in.

Reaching out, she found herself wanting to know about the owners of these stunning eyes as her hand extended forward in order to find the face that held such a gaze. Yet, before she could even find who the owner was, she fainted into the darkness when a sharp pain traveled down her body. If she thought hard about the eyes she could have sworn they widen with a moment of alarm before she jolted awake from the dream.

Awake and alive, Adore could hear the sounds of the wind from outside, its light tapping fingers playing through the trees as the brittle leaves rub against one another to create a crackling sound. If she were to focuses father, she could hear the droplets of water from a pipe or metal container echoing as water dripped into a hallow base that reminded her of her grandmothers well.

Through the place seemed safe, she felt an instant twinge of panic.

Where was she?

Sitting up gradually from the bed, she felt her hands wonder to her stomach, touching it gently as she tried to find the wound. Though she felt nothing, she could feel the slightest ache of soreness appear when she gently pressed against her stomach. Yet, despite this there was no open wound.

Curious, she looked over her arms and legs to find evidence of scratches and that were caused by the woods clawing branches. Yet, as she searched, her eyes slowly began to widen with surprise when she once again found nothing that shown of anything that related to her dream.

How was that possible? Could her supernatural blood be the reason for her sudden recovery? She had always been quick to heal but never like this. Then another thought crossed her mind. Was all of it just been a dream? An illusion of her own making caused by the days of wondering? It was a possibility, but how would that explain the fact she was in a bed?

Looking around, she tried to figure out either to get out form bed to look around or wait for answers to come to her mind. Nether happened though, since in the next moment she was found that she wasn't along in the room.

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