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Queen of Wakanda by katiesimaginelife
Queen of Wakandaby katiesimaginelife
Jamila grew up on a farm in Wakanda. She goes to a party and meets a prince but doesn't know that he is an actual prince that is looking for his future princess. Follow...
  • panther
  • bosemen
  • civilwar
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You Can Let Go Now Daddy by PickledMonsterX
You Can Let Go Now Daddyby Thomas Jefferson <3
After finding out 5 year old Peter Parker has been alone and molested most of his life, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to be the best parent the kid has ever had. Luck...
  • panther
  • thor
  • captainamerica
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Deviation (Book #1 in The Dark Skinwalker series) by CaoimheGrace
Deviation (Book #1 in The Dark CaoimheGrace
For thousands of years, the Pantera and Lupina clans have been mortal enemies, always on the brink of a war that could shatter the world. For Kadence Riley, daughter...
  • skin-walker
  • transformation
  • romance
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The Black Panther  by kayla0531
The Black Panther by Kayla Elrod
This is a story about Asha Abdulla daughter of Wakandan warrior, but her mom was American. She lives with the avenger see what her life is like. Will she fall in love wi...
  • civilwar
  • chadwickboseman
  • ironman
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I'm A Riddle {Draco x reader} by Verkira888
I'm A Riddle {Draco x reader}by
(Y/N) Riddle is a pureblood feared witch, she is the cursed child of Tom Riddle or otherwise known as Lord Voldemort. She went to Azkaban when she was young for 5 years...
  • harrypotter
  • panther
  • draco
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Persona 5 (One shots) by stfu-Seven
Persona 5 (One shots)by Samsu Zee
{There'll be end game spoilers ofc} Time for me to write whatever the hell I want ;))) It'll probably most likely end up being Akiryu but I don't know if I'll add other...
  • noir
  • oracle
  • kurusu
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Sly As a Fox by roseh23
Sly As a Foxby Rose
"A fox is never caught in the same snare twice." -Greek Proverb. Willow thinks of herself as totally independent. She doesn't need anyone telling her what...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Dominating an Alley Cat (boyxboy) by BigNeptune
Dominating an Alley Cat (boyxboy)by Chubby and Blue
[A/N] This is a werecat story. Bxb. Gabriel is probably not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but he knows how to make some money in a tough situation. Crime. It's not r...
  • romance
  • panthers
  • crime
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"Are you a wizard?" "Technically? No." [HOMECOMING/POST-HOMECOMING/INFINITY WAR] [PETER PARKER] disclaimer: I do not own Peter Parker or any chara...
  • spider-man
  • black
  • drstrange
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ROYALTY ✾ T'CHALLA UDAKU  by capandbarnes
Zoya Buhari is now of age, and her Kingdom is in need of a King. "You have the beauty and grace of the grazing antelope, but the heart of the most fearsome lioness...
  • chadwick
  • fanfiction
  • marvel
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Happiness (Erik Killmonger ) by OzzyBlack22
Happiness (Erik Killmonger )by Nadia Obsidian
"What the fuck?," Erik yelled at her as she rolled her eyes. The man's body fell at his feet as she walked over it ignoring their eyes. "You alive ain't...
  • avengers
  • boseman
  • nakia
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Beating Heart •Luke Kuechly• by -wonderland3
Beating Heart •Luke Kuechly•by ˗ˏˋSTARDUST ❄️ ˎˊ˗
Callie Ryan is your normal twenty-one year old girl, except she isn't. Her grandpa is the offensive coordinator for the Panthers NFL team and she has a secret that very...
  • secrets
  • fanfiction
  • panthersfootball
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Marvel x Reader One Shots by fandompotatos
Marvel x Reader One Shotsby fandompotatos
By: Elizabeth A bunch of Marvel One shots. I've read many and love them all so I've decided to do some as well. Full discloser I'm not doing any Marvel x guy reader, or...
  • pietro
  • widow
  • groot
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Lil' Meow Meow - Yoonmin by Eviolus-
Lil' Meow Meow - Yoonminby ♡
Hybrids. They are beautiful, rare and amazing things. Want a pet or companion that can show you love like a person? Then a hybrid is for you! Yoongi loves his owner. He...
  • angst
  • hybrid
  • 5×7
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Black Butler x Male!demon!reader [Complete] by Demon_Lost_Soul
Black Butler x Male!demon!reader [ Zane-chan
When the head butler of the Kirkland estate and the head of the estate, the queens Panther will meet the queens guard dog.
  • yaoi
  • malereader
  • phantomhive
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Shadows Within The Crowd  (Jesse McCree x Reader) by FlameWolf0515
Shadows Within The Crowd (Jesse FlameWolf111
This is the second story to a book called "The Two Gunslingers" A book from my old account. When you were younger you met the Gunslinging idiot that soon...
  • revolver
  • romance
  • boyxgirl
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ERIK "KILLMONGER" STEVENS. One shots 😛 by nahimjustfeelingit
This is a series of Erik Killmonger one shot stories from fluff to angst to SMUTTY SMUT
  • erikkillmonger
  • black
  • smuttyfanfic
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ALRUNA  ※  T'Challa Udaku by Fleur-DeLys
ALRUNA ※ T'Challa Udakuby Leila
❝ What do you know about fear, your Highness? ❞ Banished from Asgard years ago, Alruna had almost given up trying to restore her reputation. But when the King of Wakand...
  • asgard
  • black
  • blackpanther
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Avengers x Reader Oneshots by Thaliashocks
Avengers x Reader Oneshotsby Thaliashocks
These oneshots will include the reader, Bucky, Loki, Thor, Tony, Steve,Bruce, Pietro, Sam and Clint.
  • preference
  • buckybarnes
  • spiderman
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