Beautiful, Beautiful [3] Leaving it All

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The market place was much slower today. Most of the children were out in the fields helping their parents or playing in their backyards. The adults for the matter were mainly doing house chores or out in the woods, chopping up lumber for the coming winter that should soon arrive after this fall.

I for the matter was just shopping for fruits and meats that my family could use for our meals. My feet tapped lightly as I moved with an air of grace about me, trying my hardest to buy the things I need and head home before the place would get swamped with others.

Unlike the rest of the villagers, the marketers thankfully, were usually the most tolerant of my presence. I was the reason to why there was good, fresh bread to sell, or the infamous fruits that were said to be the sweetest out of the whole country. They actually acknowledged this and at times when they felt generous, gave me extra veggies and bread in order to show their gratuities. Yet, that didn't mean they accepted me. Despite how many good deeds and my constant thanks for letting me live near the village, they would never accept me or the blood that courses through these veins.

At that thought, I found myself confronted with one of the two riches twin girls of the village, their perfect noses and faces looking down upon me as I finished bagging the last of my shopping. Already I knew for what was to come, and steadied my ground as Lily and Erma Cross advances towards me. From their prefect fair faces I could see their hollow brown eyes glow with distaste as their eyes landed upon me, emaciated forms tensing before relaxing as though not to show the slight fear at the mere sight of the infamous witch child. They knew the powers I posses but never gave up to torment me, always trying to make another miserable so they could feel formidable.

"Well look who it is Erma, it's the miss demon girl, how are you?" Lily Cross says with a pleasant sneer, her face never appearing ugly even when she twisted her lips in such a way. Erma, who stood beside her sister, snickered at the comment before turning her own acidic eyes to my dress with slight admiration. I could only predict what she was going to say.

"Nice dress witch, who'd you steal it from?" Erma Cross remarks with imprudence. Since I could remember, many had called me by names and never once cared about how I felt. Yet, since that time I had build up immunity to their harsh words. I didn't even respond as they continued on with their flaws accusations.

"I bet she used her freaky gifts and placed a curse on the owner of that dress." Lily said with a giggle while using her hands in some hocus pocus movement that many people believed witches to do. No one really knew that we use our minds and our words to use the magic. You didn't even need hand signals to make a plant appear.

"Maybe we should take it from her." Erma suggests, already seeming to have taken a hidden fancy for the dress that my grandparents had work so hard to get for me.

"I didn't steal anything, my grandmother worked hard to buy the dress from a local weaver." I said finally, hating to have to talk to the girls since I promised my family I wouldn't make contact with the villagers unless asked to do a job for them. The twins merely brushed my comment off before Lily giggled boorishly in my face.

"Like we'd believe that, I bet you made her take it from another." She exclaims while making those ridiculous hand signals again, as though to provoke me to do the same and then call over the elders to lock me away. I just stood my ground and looked directly in her eyes.

"I would never do that." I say sincerely before turning my back on them. I didn't need to be in a place I wasn't wanted. Yet no matter how I wished to avoid trouble, it always seems to come after me. I only gotten a few feet away when I heard running footsteps

"Hey witch, don't you dare turn your back on us!" I hear Erma screech as I felt my dress being roughly tugged at. It only took a split second till I realized what was happening until I heard a sound that chilled my blood.

They had ripped the dress.

The beautiful emerald colored dress that her grandparents had worked so hard to get for her 17th birthday, money they could have used to buy spices and seeds to plant in their gardens so we wouldn't have to buy from the market.

I..could never forgive them.

"Look Lily, I think we made the demon angry." Erma said through her curt voice, the mockery that passed her lips was like poison to my ears. Lily giggled alongside her as she batted her eyes innocently while flipping her curly brown locks past her shoulder. What would happen if ever strand of those curls were to eerily be ripped out from her skinny little head? Or maybe her lips would to just stay shut forever? That was something I would wish for.

"What's wrong witch, cat got your tong-?" Erma states but then suddenly shuts her lips. The once rose coloring in her cheeks slowly paling as she stared directly into my eyes. Lily on the other hand had wondered why her sister hadn't finished the insult and looked questioning to her twin. When she met her sisters pale face she looked to were her sister was gazing at and froze.

Now, I was the confused one. Both girls were just standing there, eyes locked on mine as though in a trance. It frightened me that neither of them had spoken a word and now that the market place was starting to fill, it would seem as though I intentionally did something to the girls.

Than, as if on cue, One of the girls starting screaming.

Their mouths were wide open like gaping fish as their hollow eyes suddenly became alive. Yet, what I saw within them was something like a nightmare. Within them I could see two frighten girls, both five-year-old's that were heaving and shuddering like one of those bad sicknesses from a plague. As I watched on I saw Erma lift her hand to her hair and started to rip her hair out by chunks while Lily clawed at her closed lips, as though she could pry it open. When she finally did, her lips were practically shredded and fresh with blood.

From around us a crowed was building, and all eyes were own the twins. None had spotted me yet, and to my dismay, I didn't want to be the one to blame. Even if I was the one who cause this.

My heart lurched as I found my footing, taking off as my pride screamed at me to return and face the consequences. Yet, I just couldn't. I had broken one of the many rules the village head had placed for me.

Never hurt the people.

As I raced on past the market place and the fields, I could hear the twin's echoing cries within my head. I knew what would happen now. The villagers would put a price upon my head and hunt me down like a rabid animal. I wouldn't be able to make it to say goodbye to my grandparents.

I could never return there.

I have to leave. For good.


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