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Family Above Everything  ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
Family Above Everything ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
A story of manan with their happy family What happens that the happy family has to be apart deprived of the love Join the ride with us #OkThanksBye
Twisted Curse by author_anaaa
Twisted Curseby Ana
Being in an arranged marriage with Gojo Satoru, y/n knew that it was inevitable to meet those filled with loath and jealousy. She finds more about her abilities as jujut...
Wings Of Destiny by WTFaniii
Wings Of Destinyby Ani
Kanika Chopra X Rishi Arora The firstborn of both families falls into an arranged marriage but little do they know what they have in their destiny Introvert Arranged Mar...
Father's pride by AgentZA
Father's prideby Zara
After Aoc Zelda's relationship with her father, the king has greatly improved. But will a father lose his only pride when a neighboring kingdom threatens war if Zelda do...
Silsila-e-ishq by Ishra_writes048
Silsila-e-ishqby Ishrat Jahan
In the heart of this story lies a man deeply in love with a woman who not only knows of his feelings but despises him with a passion. The reasons for her intense hatred...
His Promise  by Lela15555
His Promise by Lela
A contractual marriage between two entirely different people could lead to an epic love story or to a chaos of emotions and misunderstandings Mira Malik and Keiren Blac...
My revenge - vkook ✔️ [complete]  by _kookielucious_
My revenge - vkook ✔️ [complete] by kookielucious
Tae will leave jungkook after telling him he was toy to him after 6 year jungkook come back now he is more powerful and rich then tae to take his revange but will he tak...
Forced to become Mrs Styles (A Harry Styles AU) by molly180697
Forced to become Mrs Styles (A Molly
Harry Styles fan fiction. When Emma was forced into an arranged marriage by her grandmother all she wanted was to get out of it as soon as possible. But nothings ever...
The true Me [TaeKook] by MalditadiAsh
The true Me [TaeKook]by Maldita Di Ash
A Girl name Jeon Junghyeon was told that she would marry someone the one day. But, she didn't even know the man and she didn't want to get married. All she wanted to do...
TRUST [taeff] by elowynfic
TRUST [taeff]by ACESO
tae : how dare you to do this y/n : t-tae l-listen t-to me pl-please ahhhhh it-s hurting ahhh *(crying) y/n a simple middle class girl forced to marry a rich business...
The Truth Untold || seongjoong by p1nkeric
The Truth Untold || seongjoongby • bri
'you know that I can't show you me.' - 'but I still want you'
Dope Boy Ambitions 3 by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 3by Laila
Read Dope Boy Ambitions before reading!
Married by Elvis to my Principle/English Teacher. great huh? by Bearkoda
Married by Elvis to my Principle/ Brittany
Who would ever think that one night drunk would result in marriage? Well Katerina Wilson didn't until the morning she woke up in the arms of an extremely sexy man, Who h...
Sandor Clegane x Reader by xCornDogx
Sandor Clegane x Readerby xCornDogx
The Hound. While frightening to most you found a certain comfort in his presence. After the scarred man saved you. I don't own the script for game of thrones obviously...
Rainy days  by kth____imagine
Rainy days by kth____imagine
those rainy days.. when two clueless lover fall for each other in jewel of india manipur🍁 idol and indian girl. ❤
The Royal Bride by kmwrts
The Royal Brideby km wrts
This story is about Abhimanyu and Meera. Both are doing well in their own ways, one handles his family empire, while the other is on her way to becoming a surgeon. What...
Annabeth as a Mother by Evol_only
Annabeth as a Motherby Jane Maddison
Has anyone else wondered what happened to Percabeth after The Blood of Olympus? Do they stay together? Do they get married? Do they have kids? Here is my idea about what...
Her Last Name || Akashi Seijuro✔ by Kohaku_Leonhardt
Her Last Name || Akashi Seijuro✔by ┇千朝├ 𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖆𝖘𝖆
"Isn't it ironic? You returned where you came from. You became the same girl with no title and no respect. And this is where you belong, this is what you...
Call me princess Zelda by SethDragon
Call me princess Zeldaby Sammy Olsson
(SIDON X LINK) (Finished) This is a story about Link who has to take over Zelda's duty to get force married with prince Sidon. zelda got a letter from the Zoras there t...
Mujh Main Hai Tu{Completed} by Purna_Chatterjee
Mujh Main Hai Tu{Completed}by Purna Chatterjee
#11 ky2 stories on 18th July 2016 Written By Mawara Ezaj