Beautiful, Beautiful [2] A Prince's Dilemma

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"Why? why not?!" A beautiful, dusty blond growls as she hastily follows in pursuit. The young man before her wasn't giving in like most would to her devilish charms, which perplexed her to no ends.

"I won't repeat myself." The young man before her states with a matter of fact tone as he kept his eyes forward, making sure his back was facing towards the woman behind him. God how he wishes he were somewhere else. Perhaps even born to an ordinary family in the village that stood below his home, but even he knew that could never happen. He was already trapped here, having to be forced into situations like theses on a daily bases.

"You have no idea what you're missing." The woman huffs before making a gesture, letting a one of her fine hands move over her body in a seductive manner. Some men would have thought this as a generous invite, but then again, the prince was no fool.

"Oh yes I do." He exclaims rather loudly, causing the personal maids, who had been standing since this morning in the halls, to giggle at his remark.

Since things like this wasn't uncommon in the manor, maids and servants would wake up to the sounds of their young master finding rather peculiar surprises in his room, especially this young woman who happen to be only dressed in a rather dainty looking nightgown that barely hid most of her cleavage.

The young master rolls his stunning gray eyes in dismay at her appearance, wondering when his parents would stop meddling in with his life and get their own.

As if on cue, his mother appears around one of the corners of the halls, making a grand entrance with her powerful presence.

"Boy, what are you barking about now? Its scarcely even noon and here you're shouting about the place." The Lady of the manor was not one to be tempered with, especially in the early mornings when she needed her daily beauty rest. Yet, despite the fact she already had enough beauty to freely give away to those who didn't, she always proclaimed she need more those few moments of extra rest. Her raven hair was long and had lush, natural curls that framed her heart shaped face. Eyes similar to her son's, she resembled that of a powerful feline with a fit body. The woman was in her early thirties, and would age slowly like the rest of her kin.

The woman's enraged appearance didn't affect him though, and instead, ignores her words with a mental shrug before starting his own thoughts.

"Reasons to why Ester of the northern kingdom is here Elvira? And don't tell me she was just passing by, I won't hear of that bullshit." The young man shouts and points to the blond, who at the moment, stood stunned with fright at his mother's enrage features.

"Watch your tongue Stephan!" Elvira hisses through her teeth, her beautiful gray eyes turning a metallic sliver as she fought the urge to smack her son. The boy in general merely gives a mocked laugh before sneering directly at his mother.

"You let her in, practically exposed to the world. I think I have the right to use such words." The man hisses, his own silver eyes facing his mothers with a heated flame that could make others trembled at their

"We thought you would take her." Elvira growls back, her shoulders tensing as his anger boils within her. How dare her own flesh and blood talk back to her!

"As a mate?" He inquired, rising a brow in a skeptical manner as he leaned into the wall. From his posture the mother could clearly foresee disaster once she answered his question

"..Yes.." Elvira said with slight hesitation, knowing what was to come as she observed her son slowly lifting his lips into a lazy smile.

"Or at least breed.." She adds quietly before her ears were met with a sharp bark of a laugh.

"Ha! This is splendid. You want me to sleep with women I don't even know. Some would take this as a blessing but I find it a burden." The prince says through his mocked laughter, clearly seeing what his mothers intentions had been throughout the months. From the behind the prince the maids could see the blond question herself as a burden.

"I've seen plenty of women here and stay those cold nights with you, yet you won't take this girl I chose? Your impossible!" The mother says with an exasperated sigh, clearly wanting nothing more than to just run up to her boy and smack some sense into him. The prince merely shrugs before motioning towards the girl.

"Why would I choose a wench? Even if she's the princess of the northern kingdom, she has a tendency to stray from work and prefer pleasure." He remarks as the northern heiress huffed out and moved forward in order to redeem herself form the insult, but was forced to a halt when she notice the those sliver orbs sending a clear message that she'd loss a limb before she could even lay a finger on him.

"You're still impossible. I'm getting Vincent right now to straighten this attitude in which you've been having." The mother hisses before turning at her heels and heading straight for her and her husband's room. A part of her hopping that the Lord of the manor would be able to knock some sense into her derange son.

"As if he would do much." The prince calls out as he watches his mother's form disappear around the corner, seeing as she wasn't going to give up on him finding a mate so easily.

Sighing, he turns towards the blond who still stood where he had left her. The woman in question now seemed like a lost child, her confidence and proud posture were now diminished as she stares at the floor with lifeless eyes.

Well now that her hopes gone, it be best to call a maid to take her home. He thought wearily as he signals to a redheaded maid who had been watching the exchange between his mother to help the broken girl.

"Take her to a spare room and get her in some suitable clothes. Once that's done, call for a carriage that will take her back to her home. She doesn't need to be where she is not needed." He said quietly to the maid, making sure to not let the heiress overhear as he watched the maid do as he instructed. The girl merely looked at the maid with a lost expression before following without question. It will probably take a while before her confidence would come back and she would chase another noble but, to him, it didn't matter. The prince after all, didn't care for others feelings, and that certainly would never change. Ever.

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