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Madagascar and OC! REWRITE! by Drippingindazzle
Madagascar and OC! REWRITE!by Drippingindazzle
Join five zoo animals - Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo, and Ayana the Leopard - who have spent their whole lives in blissful captiv...
Who's the Pet?  MxM by Why-the-fuck-not
Who's the Pet? MxMby Idfk
Kento Halvera is a timid male with an intense love for animals, so when his friend talks him into going to a pet auction and he sees a leopard with a little too much emo...
Stolen Fate by CayleighKennedy
Stolen Fateby Cayleigh
The wielders are coming, and they're ready for violence. With a cub in her arms, Arietta James, a dedicated vet technician in training, flees for her life and the life o...
Wrapped Around My Whiskers (On Hold) by majaaa_xx
Wrapped Around My Whiskers (On Hol...by Maja
Rogue Cat Wolf When her pack was destroyed, this what she had to face. After spending years alone, not finding anyone willing to help her, she finds out that all packs...
Wolves Against the Church by CreationOfGod1996
Wolves Against the Churchby Ben Vogt
A young gorilla named Ben Mikeno receives Jesus as his Savior at 10 years old, transfers to university at 21, and finds a church off campus after helping a beautiful leo...
Jacques: Warrior of Africa by jpt8953
Jacques: Warrior of Africaby jpt8953
In 5021, deep in the rural country of Ofrimalia, a young leopard furry named Jacques is injured and alone after losing his parents to a vicious raid. He is then found an...
The Beast World : Enchanting Beast by iauzihc_mtl
The Beast World : Enchanting Beastby ~Its Mulread~
In Bermuda, he was bombarded by a big underwater bubble to the orc world where females are respected. As the female with the sweetest smell and the most beautiful appear...
Madagascar And OC!  by Drippingindazzle
Madagascar And OC! by Drippingindazzle
Join five zoo animals - Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo, and Ayana the Leopard - who have spent their whole lives in blissful captiv...
First Lazy Merchant Of The Beast World by RedFantasya
First Lazy Merchant Of The Beast W...by RedFantasya
After transmigrating into a beast world, Rong Mingshi discovered that the people of this world experienced widespread mania. For example, when their emotions were abnorm...
Амтлахуй  by LeopardSK26
Амтлахуй by Leopard04
Сайхан сэтгэл, аз жаргал, баяр баясгалангийн бэлгэ тэмдэг болсон залуу ослын дараагаас хоолны дуршилгүй болж эхэлсэн. Түүний аманд ойртсон бүхий л зүйл чанаргүй, амтгүй...
Adam's Pulse by shelbylw03
Adam's Pulseby Shelby
Fourth in the Their Pride series: The only thing that kept him alive was the connection to his Queen, but what happens when someone tries to sever that connection? What...
The Shadow Warrior (Tigress x OC) [Rewrite] by GuardianLynel0271
The Shadow Warrior (Tigress x OC)...by GuardianLynel0271
Shadow, a black male leopard, is tasked with protecting the world's most dangerous weapon, the Demon Crystal. He eventually meets the Furious Five, and falls for one of...
The Black Panther by ThornPrincess2009
The Black Pantherby ThornPrincess2009
Sara is a Panther-shifter, when she returned home she found her parents dead and that incident turned her life upside down. She had to overcome a lot of setbacks to stay...
Her Pact by shelbylw03
Her Pactby Shelby
Third in the Their Pride Series: With everything now safe, Zeke is at a loss. What will he do now with all the emanate threats gone? The answers is simple, find out w...
A Pride of Werecats by Werecat
A Pride of Werecatsby Werecat
Werecats, unknown in the mortal world. And in the mythical world are met with laughs and questions about werewolves when mentioned. Truthfully they are an ancient power...
King Of The Mountains  by Eli99999999-9
King Of The Mountains by Eli Tvhzizige
Godzilla was transported into a world with kaijugirls a couple years ago since he is the only male he is an outcast but he is still the strongest of the Kaijus he has al...
Madagascar and OC!: Merry Madagascar  by Drippingindazzle
Madagascar and OC!: Merry Madagasc...by Drippingindazzle
When Santa and his reindeer crash onto Madagascar it's up to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Ayana and the penguins to save Christmas.
🐾Wild Cat 🐾 by GothNebula
🐾Wild Cat 🐾by GothNebula
A boy with blonde hair and green eyes was raised by panthers in the African jungle, learning to be a feline and protecting the jungle from danger. That is until he learn...
The big cat's mate     Rob Lucci x Reader Two-Shot by Yomimio
The big cat's mate Rob Lucci x...by Yomimio
Are the CP-9 really hiding from the Marine? Or is just that the Marines decided to "dispose" them sending them to places where they couldn't be find? Well that...
Slick Thicc (Jimin SMUT fanfic)  by Namjezus
Slick Thicc (Jimin SMUT fanfic) by Namjesus
SLOW UPDATES "I-Im a good b-boy that's eats t-tuna!" "What just happened..." Jimin Hybrid Fanfiction Started December 14, 2018 Ended -still Continu...