Beautiful, Beautiful [5] The Meeting

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The sun was high in the sky when I find myself in the outer lands. Its heat bears down my back, causing me to feel exhausted and somewhat dizzy.

From behind I could see I was miles away from the flat plains of the village, a good sign since I was now on the run. I know it was bad enough to run like a coward, but I felt I should have at least said one last goodbye to my remaining family members before I became a fatigue. If I were to go back, the villagers wouldn't hesitate to kill me.

With a mournful sigh, I continue to walk forward without looking back. Now was the time for survival, and my best chance would be to get away from the plains and into an area that would increases my chances to stay hidden.

Looking ahead, I can see the outline of the tall trees standing from afar. That was the border line, one step and you'd be lost into the forest that prohibited for most villagers. It would be perfect for hiding.

The forest was a place that I remembered the elders always warning the children to never venture through. It was suppose horde creatures much similar to her, but dark and colder than anyone could imagine. It also leads to the one of the largest kingdoms in the west. Yet, there was a strange rumor that humans and other supernaturals coexisted in this strange place. It would be a dream come true if that rumor happened to be real.

Smiling wistfully to myself, I continue forward with my heart set out for this kingdom. Even if I didn't find this place, I'd still travel in search for a home that I could call my own.

Once I finally arrival at the tree line I feel the pull of familiarity with the forest, its massive trees towering over my form in a sort of welcome.

The clean scent of foliage and wild flowers rushes through the breeze, an aroma that was pleasant to the senses. Smiling to myself, I pluck a few wildflowers from the ground and admire their beauty. My grandmother had taught me much during my unpleasant life in the village. She would teach me about the plants and medicine that you could make from them, a lesson that was much need when you have to look out for yourself. Whenever I'd come home from the long wearily days with bruises from the farm fields, she'd applied arnica to stop the swelling.

Pulling a small weathered sack from a hidden pocket in my torn dress, I begin to gather some familiar plants. If my journey was going to be as long as I imagined, I might as well get what I can from Mother Nature before continuing on. With my mind else were I didn't even notice the soft thump of footsteps behind me until a voice spoke from behind.

"Look at this beauty."I hear suddenly, startling me from my thoughts as I turn around to find two men standing behind me. I was quite surprised to see that the both of them were literally the opposite of themselves. One man, short and bulky like with a mop of brown stares at my form with a sort of interest upon his plain face. His companion on the other hand though, was tall with sun kissed hair and charming features.

From their appearance they seemed like regular travelers, their hands caring bags and their clothes slightly weathered by the various terrains of the land. If one were to come across the two you'd probably think of them as humble travelers.

Silently, I slip the sack back into the hidden pocket, seeing they were more focused on my defensive stance and appearance than what I was holding. From the way they were looking at me made me feel like I was a rare animal, a specimen worth to be observed.

"Nice, never seen one with such hair and eyes before." The short man looks me up a down with approval, causing me to shiver disgusted. Something was off about him.

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