Beautiful Beautiful [4] To Find a Mate

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The Prince


By the time the carriage arrived, Stephan seemed somewhat unnerved. It wasn't the fact that he, for the past month had to bare the constant burden of finding himself waking to see a maiden in his bed , but the fact that his mother was pushing the mating idea a little to far.

He still was quite young of course, eighteen and already taking on the responsibility for both the laws and forces they had, but never much so stepped into war like his father had down at the mere age of fifteen. Yet, that was a much more brutal time than now. Their quarrels with the nearer kingdoms had come to an abrupt end once all saw how countless had been slaughtered by their doings.

Sighing, the young master looks over to see the blonde he had awoken with this morning climb into the maroon carriage slowly, on the side, laid his family crest to show were the girl had been coming from. He knew the King of the northern kingdom had no indication of his daughter whereabouts, seeing as the Lady's of the house were the ones to send their younglings to eligible bachelors behind their husband's backs. Once that's done, they usually don't find them until they come back baring a belly with a mating ring on their finger, along side the noble they had chosen.

Of course, many rarely get a prince to bed with them, since most have either been already betrothed to since birth, or haven't been born yet. In royal families, male children are hard to come by. And even once their born that doesn't mean they always get the thorn. If the prince isn't the legal age by the time his father dies than another noble must step forth and take it. Something that has all happen one time or another for the other kingdoms except his, which is only the one to have a true blood line that dated back to their ancestors.

Willing himself out of his thoughts, Stephen watched as the carriage strolled off with two rather huge white horses pulling it away. On top of the car sat the man who would be leading the girl back to her home, who at the moment was tipping his at towards him in silent respect as they finally faded away from the manor.

Now he could have time to think about his situation.

Yet, as he turns back for the manor, he can clearly see that his situation will have to be put on hold.

"Stephan, I've been hearing some things about you." The king says, glancing over to his wife who glares back from behind the door.

"Things I like to discuses about." He mutters as his kindred eyes look over to his son pleadingly. It was obvious that the king was strong against his enemies, but his wife on the other hand was a completely different story.

"I wonder why?"Stephan snorts, knowing that his mother was always the one behind his suffering. Even now she thought the kind king would put her sun into place. Well, there goes her luck.

"Son, I know you find this idea.. Somewhat difficult t to comprehend" The king begins, trying to sum up the words that would explain this catastrophe. No pun intended.

"Difficult?" Stephen repeats mockingly, lifting a fine brow as the king shifts uncomfortably.

"But you have a duty to attend to. And as my next heir you're the only one to take the throne."The king continues, ignoring his son's words as he looks him sternly in the eye. His son though, didn't flinch. He just appears bored.

"Your mother wants you to keep up the family blood line, as Do I." he finishes lightly. Ever so cautiously glancing over to his mate, who nods in approval. I guess you can say his dad was quite the obedient husband. Of course, when your wife happens to be the strongest feline breed around, it's hard trying to act against her wishes.

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