Beautiful Beautiful [6] Saved

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This story will be going under some changes. I'm going to be fixing errors and changing some things up. The beginning prologue will change and a little bit of the first chapter. As for the rest the plots the same and so are the characters. :)

I know the tense needs work, so I'm going back to fix it so it's all past tense. I'm also going to add more detail, seeing that in some parts that there's just not enough for my tastes.

At this moment I'm not really cheerful, seeing that I was unable to finish my project for VASE and won't be entered into the competition. I tried to look on a brighter note, but I guess I'm just disappointed in myself. Well, sorry for my little rant, and I sorry for the late updates. Exams are coming, and I need to be ready.

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Stephan was distraught. Already he had been traveling for four weeks straight and still hadn't found one female that suited his tastes. Most would either throw themselves at his feet or portrayed him as a vengeful being that could possibly ruin their lives and kept to themselves.

It was difficult to say the least, seeing that now he felt confidence dwindling before his eyes. Since when did he have trouble with finding women? Usually they flocked to him when he wasn't really in a desperate need for company, but now it was like a drought about decent females! Never in his life has he encountered such a problematic turn of events. Well, that is if you count the day when his parents told him about needing a mate. Then this was probably the second in his dictionary of hell.

Shaking his head, the prince gazed up to the sky with a mournful sigh. The trees above him gave him no comfort as he searched around these woods for some solution. It was time like these he wished the heavens could grant him his desires.

Then he wouldn't have to be in the situation.

Also the choices where limited. Though there were some that were willing to through themselves at his feet just to be a queen there wasn't much a selection when it came to breed. Though most where shifter, their strength level was barely even above then that of a normal house cat that those humans adore so much. He of course wouldn't mind his mate to rely on him, but if there was a time a war broke out he at least wanted her to be able to defend herself in case he was away at the time.

Another factor was their constant squabble among themselves, how they would easily get into fights over such the stupidest concepts that only made him shake his head. If he couldn't find a mate within the shifter bloodline the worst he could do is possibly court a human girl into a mating bond. They aren't entirely the brightest creatures, but if it would get past the mating ceremony then there was a chance.

Humans intrigued him though. Despite their fragile structure, yet outspoken beings that tend to act as though they were stronger than what they seemed. He noticed that the royal breeds tend to act above others, while the lower class strived to make a living for their short life.

"Leon! Don't you dare damage the merchandise!" a voice hissed, catching Stephan's attention. The prince hadn't been too far from the woods when he heard a strange growl emit from the trees. At first it didn't faze him, and brushed it off as a shifter possibly hunting. Yet, when he heard a low rumble that sent warning alarms, he knew that something was off.

Feeling the urge to investigate, he sent off into the direction to find what was happening. He dint understand, but something in his blood was telling him that he need to protect something. It was strange, but for right now he wouldn't question it.

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