Beautiful, Beautiful [1] A Forsaken Dreamer

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Snapping to life, Adora realizes that her hand was above her body, grabbing the cold, moist air around her as respiration slid down it her forehead. To her surprise, she wasn't in the woods, nor was she outside for that matter. It was in fact, her room, but not the one she grew up in.

Her mother did die, just like that dream. No one in her family would take her, nobody except for her grandparents that is. They were nice enough to take care of her and gave her a home and room to call her own.

When they found her in the house by herself, they seemed to know exactly that her mother died and she had left Adora behind. Most of the family members were harsh to her at the funeral, giving the girl glare and whispering insults about her eyes.

Why did they do this you ask?'s because she's a child of a witch.

No, it was not her mother who carried this blood, but her father. It was against the rules for a mortal to love that of a being who possessed supernatural powers, but somehow they slipped through the rules and got married. It was frowned upon by residence in the villagers to see such an unholy matrimony. The only people who viewed the marriage as a blessing were her grandparents.

So here she was, a girl no more of seventeen, living in a village that would never accept her for who she was. Versus children had tried to befriend her, but distrusting parents prove otherwise. Thus, causing a tortured and painful childhood. She still remembered their taunting laughter displayed in front of her as the older children burned her dolls to ash, claiming a demon such as herself, needed neither fun nor happiness.

What were so horrible about her eyes you may wonder? Well yes they're green, which seem normal enough, but not the fact they were an uncanny yellowish green. Like cat eyes only more intense.

It marks the birthright that dwells within Adora, her father's blood.

So far, she has been able to lift things as well as maybe set a few things on fire with my mind. That's just one of her gifts though, there's something else the villagers are more afraid than anything that she posses right now. Her father was known not only to move or control things with his mind, but he was the son of that of a shapeshifter and a witch. This means she too had inherited the shapeshifter blood, which could be lethal for its potential unstable meant.

The villagers though do not fear its unstable meant but the fact I might one day harness the power within me, and would destroy their beloved land. She had no thoughts of doing so, or care of killing them. In fact, she could give a damn about their lives.

Adora's heart yearned to leave else were and explore the unknown world.

Yet, that may never happen for the people plan to lock her life so to never step foot away from their city, for she was their only source that could give them both rain and good crops. The witch blood within her is based on the four natural elements, causing her instantly be placed in the fields to help harvest food for the upcoming winters.

Sighing in default, she glances from my bed to the window again, seeing the sun was now peeking from the hilltops of my home. Even in the darkest hours, she still finds contentment with both the raise of the sun and moon. The sun gave her strength for the day to come, while the moon confronted her during the long nights. It was another ability she had, seeing that she was in tuned with the earth's natural flow and atmosphere itself unlike others.

Pulling away from the sheets, she hums a soft tune thoughtlessly. It was in her nature to hum or sing before the day beginning, glad to have another day of freedom, another day in her own bed as well.

In the distance, she can hear the slight clatter of neighborhood children waking as well, calling out good mornings along with some groans from early chores they had to attend.

Leaving the window to the shower, she did all the basics of human lifestyle. By the time she bathed and brushed her golden brown locks, she pulls out some clothes that she had earlier decided to wear. The dress she chose was rather decent than most her family could afford but it was a special one since they had worked so hard to buy it for her birthday.

Placing a smile upon her lips, she grabs her purse before walking out of her room. Adora's grandfather had already left the house for the morning work so she quietly walks to her grandmother's room and places a light kiss on the forehead before whispering a goodbye and strolling off in search of work.


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