Beautiful, Beautiful [Preface]

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"Look Adora, isn't it wonderful?" a woman in a white, simple gown smiles warmly, matching the pure radiance of the illuminating sun. Her chestnut gaze was locked onto a small child, no more than two in her delicate arms.

They were deep within the woods out side their small cottage that was surrounded by marvelous oak trees along with a vast kinds of lilies the woman loved so dearly, the sound of crashing waves in the distance for the ocean was only a few feet away.

'No..its fact, it's a horrible place.' My voice was low, almost sorrowful. My eyes stare blankly, watching the scene play out.

'It brings back so many unspeakable memories.'

"We're lucky to have found this home, you, your father and I." The women says thoughtfully with a jaded smile, glancing away from the child from time to time.

'Father doesn't exist..' My thoughts grew louder with every word that came from her smiling face. It pained me, knowing it was a shattered smile, just another empty lie.

"You know..your eyes are just as beautiful as those lush pine trees, along with the vines on them flowers, you see darling? You have your fathers eyes, you know that?" she laughed at this but it wasn't a pleased laughter. No, it was just hallow, just like the wind, so far and distant.


The stare I hold hardens, wishing to rewind this scene before it played onward.

"Your such a good man..I love him so much.." Her voice was becoming hoarse, as though trying to hold back the tears that so badly wanted to spill out before the child in her arms.

'Mother please don't.'

"I wished he never left us "Her eyes lower, her grip on the child loosens some with each word she spoke.

' No...don't say another word!' I hold myself back, trying to remind myself where I was. This was just all in the past. A place were it dost matter if you try to change it, since its already passed and gone.

" I'm so sorry Adora." The woman says sorrowfully, her eyes lost in the waves of the ocean.

"I'm afraid..I'll be joining him soon." Her soft voice was now fading into the outer skirts of the woods, floating into the blackness of the sky were the glorious stars laid.

'Its just a memory..a damnable memory!' I cry to myself, wrapping my arms around my body for support. If I try to move my body my body would only be paralyzed from the fear and agony.

'I'm going to loss her ...' tears trickle down my cheeks while she backs away from the child who seems dazed and confused. If only that child knew what would happen to her dear mother.

"Good bye, my sweet Adora..please..don't try to follow me."

The woman started to stroll away, heading far, far away from this world. The time around me was ticking like a bomb. it was replaying again, her smile, the sad laughter, the goodbye, and now here the woman was. walking into her grave.

Without thinking, and trying to convince myself it was just a memory, I rush to her form, wishing to stop her from her fate.

"Mother! Mother!!" I knew she wouldn't listen, nor stop her walk to death's gates, but I felt I could prevent it this time. If I could make her hear me out, or just halt for a second, she'll comeback to me.

"Mother! Don't go! please..I don't want to be left alone..." Deafening roars from the ocean clash against the walls of the rocks below, along with the smell of saltiness hung low in the air. The woman stood there, looking down upon the famished waves that would rip her body to bits if she touched them.

"Mommy!" She glanced upward, then tilted it to the side to look fully at me. I try to speak but my breath was caught in my throat, to stunned she turned to me. Her lips part as to speak but do nothing would come out. Her eyes held happiness that I never seen since I was born. The lights around me spun about, causing the scene to begin to become bright, almost blinding me like the sun does when you look straight at it.

" I'm sorry Adora...that I could never love you like a real mother could." a tear slid down her angelic face before she fell forward, her golden brown locks fell around her, descending down to the deeps of the ocean where the waves devoured her body.

At that moment, the child beside me screams.

I could only do the same.

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