Merry Christmas!

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[Normani-11:43am] Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 May God Bless Y'all

[Camila-11:43am] Merry Christmas to you too

[Ally-11:44am] blessings to all and a Merry Christmas 😄

[Dinah-11:47am] what r u guys doing up this early??

[Camila-11:48am] I was forced out of bed by my younger sister at 7am 😒

[Ally-11:48pm] i forgot that it was only 9am there. You're from Cali right?

[Lauren-11:49am] same as Camila

[Dinah-11:49am] yea

[Dinah-11:50am] oh, and I'd lock my door on Christmas night because my siblings will wake me up at 3am for presents

[Camila-11:51am] the struggles of having siblings

[Lauren-11:52am] Amen to that

[Dinah-11:53am] tell me about it

[Normani-11:53am] I don't have any siblings so...🙃

[Ally-11:54am] lucky

[Camila-11:58am] What are you guys doing today?

[Normani-11:59am] Well, I'm gonna hang out with my family and watch some Christmas movies

[Dinah-12:01pm] im gonna be going to this homeless shelter later today to cook and prepare Christmas meals 😌

[Lauren-12:02pm] that's sweet Dinah

[Lauren-12:03pm] since my brother and sis are already preoccupied with their gifts, I'm gonna invite a few friends over to hang

[Ally-12:03pm] so far, I've been watching tv with my bro. Later, I'm going to Christmas Night service

[Normani-12:05pm] Hey, me too! The church part, not the watching tv with brother part lol 😂
[Camila-12:06pm] Lo, is Lucy gonna be over your house today?

[Ally-12:06pm] tonight, I actually get to sing too!

[Lauren-12:07pm] Yeah, why?

[Camila-12:07pm] Just wondering, that's all

[Camila-12:08pm] actually, I have to go. Sofi is calling me to help her with her new Barbie house or something

[Dinah-12:08pm] Ok...? 😂 I'm just going to assume that you're talking about your sister

[Lauren-12:09pm] TELL SOFIA I SAID HI

[Camila-12:10pm] I will, Laur. And yes, Sofi is my sister

[Normani-12:10pm] Ok. Bye 👋🏾

[Ally-12:11pm] Bye Camila

*Camila has been changed to Milz🍌*

[Normani-12:13pm] someone remind me why I am so bored

[Dinah-12:14pm] probably because you ain't getting any 😉

[Ally-12:14pm] DINAH

[Normani-12:15pm] yeah, that's probably it

[Dinah-12:16] sorry Ally

[Lauren-12:16pm] I feel you Mani

[Lauren-12:17pm] A friend of mine is taking forever to get here

[Ally-12:17pm] Is it that Lucy person that Mila keeps talking about?

[Lauren-12:18pm] yeah and a few others

[Dinah-12:19pm] who is this Lucy chic I keep hearing about? She your gf or something

[Normani-12:19pm] I'm still bored

[Lauren-12:19] she's not my gf, and I'm not gay anyways. We're just friends

[Dinah-12:20pm] ok. I'm gonna stop bothering you about that, but you seriously need to get a bf to cuddle with. Same with you Mani

[Normani-12:21pm] I wish Arin would do something 😒

[Ally-12:22pm] oh, so you DO have a bf

[Dinah-12:23pm] no ally, Arin's just the guy she occasionally gets with and goes on dates with. Not bf/gf at all

[Lauren-12:23pm] I like that sarcasm 😆

[Ally-12:24pm] 😑

[Normani-12:24pm] HAHAHA 😂😂😂

[Dinah-12:26pm] I want chicken.

[Camila-12:26pm] I want Pizza

[Ally-12:26pm] why are u listing out food?

[Dinah-12:27pm] because I'm hungry

[Normani-12:27pm] me to

[Lauren-12:27pm] *too

[Camila-12:27pm] girl 😬

[Normani-12:28pm] I thought u left

[Lauren-12:29pm] she's been saying she was going to leave. What happened w/Sof?

[Camila-12:30pm] apparently she said that she doesn't want me anymore lol

[Ally-12:30pm] you got dissed by your own sister 😂😂

[Normani-12:31pm] like how...😂

[Camila-12:32pm] How what?

[Dinah-12:32pm] did u just lose your train of thought that quick? 😂😂

[Lauren-12:33pm] Camz, I don't know what else to say about that. Seriously, no wonder you have trouble memorizing stuff

[Normani-12:34pm] 😂😂😂

[Ally-12:34pm] lol


Author's Note: Don't ask me where I've been, because I honestly don't know. This is an overdue update. I'm not even sure if it's a full update. Literally, this was published MONTHS after the last update. Are people even still reading? Wth

- Mikayla

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