New Phone Who Dis?

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[782-291-9173] (2:31am) - Hello!

[782-237-1158] (2:31 am) - i think u have the wrong #

[972-458-1921] (2:32am) - bish, who r u?

[972-193-8078] (2:32am) - excuse me, but why am I in this group chat?

[321-729-1144] (2:32am) - sup

[972-193-8078] (2:33am) - please take me out of this chat

[782-291-9173] (2:33am) - not gonna happen. I'm Camila

*[972-458-1921] has left the chat *

[321-729-1144] (2:34am) - im Dinah. Why am I in this chat?

*[972-458-1921] is added in the chat*

[Camila] (2:34am) - I added random numbers so that I can make friends:)

[972-193-8078] (2:34am) - ok?

[Dinah] (2:35am) - aww. Little miss princess wants to make friends with pedos

[Camila] (2:35am) - ?? Did u just say that I want to make friends with 'farts' ?

[782-237-1158] (2:37am) - I have two questions: Why am i in a chat room at 2am, and who are you guys?

[972-193-8078] (2:38am) - I'm Ally

[972-458-1921] (2:38am) - get me out of here! 😑

[Camila] (2:39am) - not until you say your name

[Dinah] (2:39am) - You can't just make someone say their name, Camila

[972-458-1921] (2:40am) - fine... Normani

[Camila] (2:41am) - that's a nice name

[Ally] (2:41am) - I like your name.

[Normani] (2:42am) - thnx

[782-237-1158] (2:45am) - I am not giving out my name, you all might be some crazy grown men trying to stalk me

[Camila] (2:45am) - i promise that i am not

[Ally] (2:45am)- same. This is cool...talking to random strangers at 1am

[Dinah] (2:46am) - whereyafrombecauseitis11pmhere

[Normani] (2:46am) - lmao is there something wrong with ur spacebar??

[Camila] (2:46am) - 😂😂

[Ally] (2:46am) - I am from Texas

[Normani] (2:47am) - Same

[Dinah] (2:47am) - Cali

[Camila] (2:47am) - me from Miami

[782-237-1158] (2:48am) - no one is freaked out about the fact that we are randomly texting each other in the middle of the night and sharing where we live? Kinda freaky don't you think?

[Ally] (2:49am) - When u put it that way then yea

[782-237-1158] (2:50am) - Why the fuck am I still responding to this group message?

[Ally] - watch yo profanity, there may be children present

[Normani] - Btw, how old are y'all anyway?

[Dinah] - 15

[Camila] - 15

[Ally] - 19

[Normani] - 16

[Ally] - wow, I'm old

[Dinah] - wow, I'm young

[782-237-1158] - you were saying?

[Camila] - what is your name

[782-237-1158] - 😒 Lauren...and I am also 16

[Camila] - as in Lauren Thomas?

[Lauren] - No, as in Lauren Jauregui

[Camila] - omg 😱

[Normani] - what is goin on

[Ally] - Am I missing something?

[Camila] - Lauren, do you happen to go to Carrollton??

[Lauren] - who wants to know

[Dinah] - she wants to, u dumb bitch

[Camila] - 😱😱😱

[Lauren] - I find it very offensive to be called a female dog

[Normani] - hahahahahaha 😂😂

[Ally] - idek what I'm doing with life anymore

[Lauren] - to answer your question, yes, I go to Carrolton...why?

[Camila] - I KNOW YOU

[Normani] - oh shit

[Lauren] - I know u?

[Camila] - I know you and your friend Lucy!

*Lauren has left the chat*

[Normani] - I repeat, OH SHIT 😂

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