So...who's your first kiss? (The Following Day)

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[Lauren-7:19pm] Guys, I'm bored. Can we talk about something interesting instead of flaunting back and forth?

[Normani-7:19pm] me too

[Camila-7:20pm] how about we play 20 questions?

[Dinah-7:20pm] It's a little bit cliche, but I'm fine with whatever

[Camila-7:21pm] here's a pic to get us started

[Ally-7:21pm] Why are some things blackened out?

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[Ally-7:21pm] Why are some things blackened out?

[Camila-7:21pm] it's because those questions are a little bit personal or inappropriate

[Dinah-7:22pm] the whole point of 20 Questions is to ask 20 questions off the top of your head, not from a pic. Actually,nvm. This is fine

[Lauren-7:23pm] maybe we can just choose a person to ask and pick a number. Then they'll answer

[Ally-7:23pm] Sounds good . Who wants to go first? 👍🏽

[Dinah-7:24pm] I will: Mila, how bout #7?

[Camila-7:24] Camila

[Normani-7:24pm] Wait, but isn't that your first name?

[Camila-7:25pm] no it's my middle name my first name is Karla, but I don't like to be called that

[Ally-7:25pm] uhh...ok

[Normani-7:25pm] oh 🙂

[Camila-7:26pm] Ally do #12

[Ally-7:26pm] spiders and feeling like I'm falling in my sleep

[Lauren-7:27pm] yikes

[Ally-7:27pm] I know

[Ally-7:27pm] hey Lauren do #3 (I know it's weird, but go for it)

[Lauren-7:28pm] ok... size 8

[Ally-7:28pm] wow. I'm a size 6

[Normani-7:28pm] hey, I'm a size 8 too

[Dinah-7:29pm] can I please have one more turn. I really want to ask one of you a question

[Lauren-7:29pm] Ok, I guess. Just remember that I'm next

[Dinah-7:30pm] ok ok 😁

[Dinah-7:31pm] actually, this is directed to u, Camila. #25

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