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              *Lauren has been added to the chat*

              *Camila has been added to the chat*

[Lauren- 4:20pm] Hey

[Camila-4:20pm] hi guys

[Dinah-4:20pm] are you guys done f***ing yet?

[Ally-4:20pm] Are y'all done talking yet?

[Ally-4:21pm] It's official, Dinah has no filter

[Normani-4:21pm] Ayyyeeee, CHRIS BROWN

[Camila-4:22pm] nooooo

[Lauren-4:22pm] yea

[Normani-4:23pm] *spits out water* wait, yes or no?

[Camila-4:24pm] no, we didn't...do that

[Lauren-4:24pm] yea, we talked

[Ally-4:26pm] Good. Care to elaborate?

[Lauren-4:27pm] no

[Dinah-4:28pm] hey, can anyone tell me if my butt looks big in these jeans?
         *Inserts M&G pic (A/N: Y'all know the one)*

[Normani-4:29pm] Damn Mami 👌🏾

[Lauren-4:29pm] I guess you can say it's alright

[Ally-4:30pm] Why am I looking at random people's butts?

[Dinah-4:31pm] cause i felt like sharing the pic with u

[Camila-4:32pm] guys, my friend just texted me saying that I'm more likely to be a top than a bottom...What's the difference between a top or bottom?

[Lauren-4:32pm] *chokes on water* what friend told you this?

[Camila-4:32pm] Sandra, why?

[Camila-4:33pm] Is top or bottom like your belly button?

[Normani-4:33pm] no, that's an innie or outie

[Dinah-4:35pm] SOMEBODY please explain to this child what that is so that I don't have to

[Ally-4:35pm] Aren't y'all the same age?

[Camila-4:36pm] what's wrong... I am confused

[Lauren-4:36pm] I'll explain it later

[Dinah-4:37pm] oh, she's sure gonna 'explain it' later 😏😏😏

[Normani-4:37pm] 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

[Lauren-4:38pm] Guys, please stop

[Camila-4:39pm] im so confused...I just texted Sandra saying that I was a top because I didn't understand what she meant

[Normani-4:40pm] 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

[Ally-4:40pm] y'all have such perverted minds

[Dinah-4:41pm] I have no words to describe how funny this is

[Dinah-4:42pm] wouldn't you agree so to, Lauren? 😏

[Lauren-4:44pm] *too

[Camila-4:46pm] Ughhhh, why are you still a grammar queen

[Lauren-4:46pm] Ughhhh, why are you still a drama queen

[Ally-4:47pm] 😂 smooth

[Camila-4:47pm] Smooth Jauregui

[Dinah-4:47pm] savages


[Normani-4:49pm] 😂😂😂😂

[Dinah-4:50pm] you did not just post back queen Riri at me

[Camila-4:51pm] I did 😌

[Lauren-4:51pm] What song is that?

[Ally-4:52pm] You Needed Me

[Dinah-4:52pm] YOU DON'T LISTEN TO RIHANNA?!!!

[Lauren-4:53pm] No, not really. I'm not really into that type of music

[Dinah-4:54pm] *gasps* then what type of lame-o music are u into then

[Camila-4:55pm] she's more into The 1975 and Paramore

[Normani-4:55pm] 1. Who the hell are they? 2. Camila, how do you know so much about Lauren

[Lauren-4:55pm] I'm not really into Rihanna. I prefer to listen to The 1975 and Paramore. I also prefer to listen to Lana del Rey

[Lauren-4:56pm] Oh, Camila, I see you already told them

[Dinah-4:56pm] ya think?

[Ally-4:57pm] ok, I know y'all used to go to the same school and stuff, but how do y'all know each other so well? Like seriously, even I forget my bffs' favorite song

[Dinah-4:58pm] Were you guys a thing?

[Lauren-4:58pm] NO

[Camila-4:58pm] ....

[Lauren-4:59pm] I'm not gay

[Normani-4:59pm] Ok then

[Dinah-5:00pm] Guys, I have to go. I have practice after school

[Lauren-5:01pm] Wait, you've been at school this whole time? How have you not gotten in trouble?

[Camila-5:02pm] your from from Cali right? Isn't it like 3pm there?

[Dinah-5:02pm] yea

[Lauren-5:03pm] *You're

[Normani-5:04pm] Wait, what grade are y'all in?

[Dinah-5:04pm] 9th grade

[Camila-5:05pm] 9th

[Lauren-5:05pm] 11th (I am supposed to be in 10th grade)

[Ally-5:05pm] I'm actually a freshman in college

[Normani-5:06pm] 10th

[Ally-5:07pm] Hey, at least the age difference isn't that bad...y'all are almost around the same age. Then again, I'm over here being the mom of the group

[Lauren-5:07pm] 😂😂

[Normani-5:07pm] 😂😂😂😂

[Dinah-5:08pm] seriously, I have to leave. Bye

[Normani-5:08pm] bye 👋🏾

[Camila-5:08pm] bye

[Ally-5:09pm] bye Dinah

[Normani-5:10pm] yeah...I have to go too. I have dance. Bye guys

[Ally-5:10pm] And I have afternoon classes

[Camila-5:11pm] welp, bye

[Lauren-5:11pm] bye


[Lauren-5:13pm] I actually have to go....Taylor has a game today

[Camila-5:13pm] ok.. bye

[Lauren-5:14pm] bye

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