Sneakin' (Call Between Camila & Lucy)

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"You sure it's the same address?"

"I'm positive. Duh, I've been over there multiple times since you left, Mila."


"Sorry," the girl spoke through the phone, "but it's not like it isn't anything you haven't heard about Lauren and me before."

"Wait. Did you guys ever..." Camila hinted at, "you know..."

"No Camila, we didn't. God no.  All we've ever done is kiss. Same as you guys," Lucy reassured through the phone.

"Ok. Um...Lucy?" Camila questioned.

Lucy could hear the sadness in Camila's voice. "Hey, don't worry about it. She's hurt us both. It's in the past now"

"Yea, but—"

"She's not gonna hurt you mija, I promise. Just make sure that Tay and Chris aren't there so that you guys can have a thorough conversation."

Camila played around with her bracelet on her arm as she came up with her reply, "Yeah, okay."

Even though they were talking through the phone, Camila could tell that Lucy was feeling sorry for her. Who wouldn't be? The girl she liked—and somehow managed to stay away from—denied ever feeling something after that kiss. The kiss. Yeah, it may have been over seven months since it happened, but she hadn't forgotten about it. She knew that Lauren had to have felt something after it. It was passionate and filled with lust. It was that kiss that you'd see only characters in movies and books share. It was always the 'I'm gonna kiss you like there's no tomorrow' type of kiss. That kind.

"Hey, don't be sad. Even if she doesn't accept your apology, you've always got Veronica to fall back on."


Veronica was the girl who let Camila cry on her shoulder; she was the girl who was willing to kiss her with as much love as she could muster up for Camila while also feeling sorry for her.  And...she was the girl who Camila let take her virginity. She never let her feelings get the best to her though. Veronica knew better than that.

Then again, every time Camila's soft lips were upon hers, she couldn't help but wish that Camila wasn't just using her for a shoulder to cry on.

"I guess so," the girl replied.

"Yeah, well...I have to go. Goodnight Mila." And with that, Lucy hung up.

Camila fell back onto her bed, her head hurting from thinking way too hard. She sighed. It'd been a long day, and apparently, all of that hard work—texting with the girls—had put a toll on her.

"Maybe I do have a shot. Maybe she likes me, or better..." she trailed off, going into a peaceful sleep.

A/N: Just a little something extra I wanted to add. It's not the usual texting, but I wanted to branch out a bit. Let me know your thoughts. Do you want me to continue with this? Just texting? Or maybe I can combine both?
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