Are We Gonna Talk About It? (Camren chat)

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[Camila-3:34pm] So...should we talk about it?

[Lauren-3:37pm] No

[Camila-3:37pm] How's Lucy?

[Lauren-3:38pm] No

[Camila-3:39pm] Lauren, we have to talk about it.

[Lauren-3:39pm] What's there to talk about?

[Camila-3:40pm] 😕😕

[Camila-3:41pm] The fact that you just kissed me and then left me to fend for myself says a lot right there

[Camila-3:43pm] we have to also talk about the fact that you made ME come out only for you to change your mind

[Camila-3:44pm] Lauren?

[Camila-3:44pm] are you there

[Lauren-3:52pm] I don't want to talk about it. Look, I'm sorry for what I did...and I wish that it hadn't gone that way, but I didn't know, okay? I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I've already apologized to Lucy, but I never got the chance to say sorry to you before you moved.

[Lauren-3:52pm] I hope this doesn't change anything.

[Camila-3:55pm] i am sorry too, for leading u on.... ¿Por favor perdoname?

[Lauren-3:59pm] Sí. Te perdono vamos a discutir esto con los demás, ¿sí?

[Camila-4:00pm] si, vale

[Camila-4:00pm] ¡Te amo! ❤️️

[Lauren-4:01pm] 😐😐

[Camila-4:01pm] ¿demasiado pronto?

[Lauren-4:01pm] yea

A/N: Y'all have Google Translate, figure it out for yourselves. Hahaha


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