Chapter eighteen

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Violet’s point of view

            Maddi and I were sitting in silence in Bellie’s bedroom. We all ran to out of the safe house once the candle light flickered off, and we all ended up here. Bellie and Dade left Maddi and I by ourselves so they could have sex.

“So…it’s a pretty nice night, huh?” Maddi said after a few minutes of horribly awkward silence.

“Well, no one died tonight, so I guess.” I grumbled.

“You’re very negative.” She stood from Bellie’s bed and took a seat on the floor next to me.

“Thanks.” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing…” Her voice faded off with her lie.

“Just shut the hell up.”

“Alright, sorry…but I do have a question for you.” She looked at me with soft eyes.

“What?” I sighed out just in time for the lights to start flickering, and soon they were off.

            I felt Maddi grab my hand. Her hand was clammy and shaking violently. It was then when I realized that this was all real. Ashlinn was actually murdered, as was Rylie. Everyone was actually scared…it wasn’t just pretend. It wasn’t minor fear either; it was real.

“Violet…?” Maddi whispered shakily.

“The power is out. No big deal.” I said in an annoyed tone; I wasn’t going to be scared. I would cover it up with anger.

“But every time it’s dark something bad happens, Violet.”

            Suddenly, Maddi shrieked in my ear. Moments later, Bellie’s door flung open, and the lights flicked on.

At this point, I knew I had some sort of feared expression contorted into my usually angry face. Maddi and I were both staring at the note that was lying softly and carefully on Bellie’s bed sheets when she and Dade walked to her bed.

“By now you’ve learned the rules of the game.” Bellie read aloud slowly.

“It wasn’t Rylie.” Maddi was the first to say it—although we all thought it.

“Guys?” Dade spoke up timidly. His hair was tousled and his clothes were barely on correctly—Bellie looked the same.

“Yeah?” Bellie asked.

“Can I tell you guys something…?” He sounded worried. He knew something.

“Of course.” Bellie answered once again; she was totally falling for him, but Dade’s not the kind of guy to catch you.

“Rylie had Ashlinn.” The words flew out of his mouth rigidly.

“What?” All of us were surprised.

“Right after Ashlinn died, Rylie told me she had know…for the game.” He said quietly. “But she promised it wasn’t her!” He immediately said when he saw the look on all of our faces.

“Your crazy ex girlfriend started this game just so we’d kill each other! Good thing you killed her, Dade. Now that she’s gone we don’t have to worry.” Bellie said; she clearly forgot about the note.

“She didn’t do anything! She was new to the group and wanted to do something interesting! She’s not to blame!” Dade screamed at her with tears brimming his eyes. “And do you not see the fucking note!? Clearly someone is still fucking with us!” His voice only grew louder by the word. “I’m leaving. I’m not talking to any of you crazy bitches again. Leave me the fuck alone.” He growled and left her house, slamming her door behind him.

            Bellie’s eyes started to water, and Maddi and I looked at each other, both rolling our eyes.

“He’s just mad. He’ll talk to us tomorrow.” Maddi said with a yawn at the end. “Can we just go to bed?” It was clear she hadn’t slept for a while—none of us had.

“I’m going to bed now.” I said.

“What about the note?” Bellie’s voice shook.

“We’ll deal with that tomorrow.” I shut off her lights and sat on her bed. “I’m going to bed now, okay?”

“Me too, Bellie.”

            Maddi fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, but I remained awake. I kept my eyes on Bellie the entire night. She didn’t know I was watching her. All she did that night was pace around her room, her steps light with her breath.

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