Chapter one

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Maddi's point of veiw. Earlier that day, before Ashlinn died.

       I looked around the circle, at all six of us. Before Rylie joined our group, there was five of us. When Dade started to date her, we decided to bring her into our group, being as Dade had been bugging us too for the past, like, six weeks. Rylie was nice, but then she got the idea to play a game she heard about in this old, abandoned house, in the middle of the woods. And to make matters worse, it was Fall, so i was freezing. And even though i would never admit it, i kinda liked having Rylie around. because she was around, there were six people in our group, instead of five. she made the number in our group even. And i hate things that aren't even.

            I was beginning to get lost in my personal thought, until i noticed her pull out a notebook and tear out a page. She snuggled close to Dade as she did so, and Dade wrapped his arm around her. Dade was basically the only other person she talked to, aside from Ashlinn. And its not like i'm jealous or anything, i mean me and Ashlinn were bestfriends first, but so what? Rylie has taken some weird liking to her, and at first i was just sad. But the way she clings to her.. you'd think they were joined at the hip.

        Rylie started to rip the paper from the notebook into little pieces. Six peices to be exact. She started handing them out, one to each of us, then one to herself.

"Everyone, put your name on the paper. then pass it back to me."

    I did so, and then looked around to see what everyone else was doing. So i handed mine back to Rylie, and sat there, waiting for her to continue. She then proceeded to shuffle the papers, and mix them up as best as she could. After, she handed us each a peice of paper. When i got mine, i clutched it in my sweaty palm, as i waited for the next instructions.

"The object of the game, is to kill whatever person you have."

    Her words were razor sharp, cutting through the silence. The words lingered in the air, and it was like you could hear them. I felt what she had just said run through my body, as i tried to process it. After what felt like an hour, but was probably only minutes, she chuckled.

"You don't really kill them. you pretend kill them, but either stabbing them with something small, like a spoon or a pen, or by  poisining their food, with either salt or sugar.

    At that moment, i realized my 'killer' was sitting in here, waiting.

A sinister smile snaked its way onto Rylie's face as she spoke:

"The game is called Paranoia."

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