Chapter seven

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 Maddi's point of view.

    I walked up stairs, the floor boards creaking with every step i took, almost in unison with my shivering body. The staircase was a winding path, and with the frozen toes i had, it took a lot to get up stairs. Pathetic, i know.

    I finally got to the top of the stair case, willing myself not to fall to the floor and just lie there until my body was nothing less than a peice of ice, althought dramatic, quiete true. I slumped to the doorway, and what i expected was Bellie to be trying to find the 'thing she lost.'

    Not her and Dade, almost naked.

    It took me a second to register what was going on, and by that point, Dade had stopped kissing Bellie and was just staring at me. I stuttered words out, words that i had to force myself to say, even though i wouldn't be able to tell you what they were ten seconds after i had said them. I took my legs and ran down the stairs, not particularly feeling the cold anymore. I ran to Rylie, who had somehow looked calm after all this. how?

      I stared at her, her brown banana curls down the her shoulders, her little nose and big green eyes. I was so goddamn jealous. But i had to tell her what i just saw, even though i really didnt want to.

"Dade cheated on you." I blurted out, not even processing what i was saying.

    While i watched her jaw drop in shock, i felt a presence behind me. A tall, buff presence. I mentally cursed myself for telling her now.

    "Maddi, what are you doing?" Dade hissed from behind me, his words dripping with the very venom he used when he spoke to Violet the night Ashlinn died. The same tone that sent chills through my being, making me shiver with the warmth his breathe held on my back.

I looked at the stiffened look Dade was giving Rylie, and the hurt, desperate one she was giving him. As she spoke, her eyes began to water.

    "It was Bellie, wasn't it." She said, looking down. She stated it, not as much as a question, but as if she already knew it was the answer. Her voice was low and quiet, seeking not so much as the answer, but for him to feel the hurt she now had, stinging through her body. He looked away, and bit his lip. She took this as a yes.

    "Why?" was all she asked, her face now stained with tears, transforming her pretty face into a tangled mess of emotion, waving with hurt and pain and betrayel. He dared not to look her in the eye, the key to her feelings. He focused on her features, her porcelain skin, and her button nose.

    "Because she looked beautiful." was what he responded with, regret playing on his tongue, threatening to pour out. Her face chanegd then, into something filled with anger now, more than hurt.

    "You're such a dick, Dade. I hate you." She spat out, her tears streaming more frequent now.

    "yeah, i'm a dick? too bad you didn't figure that out when i fucked Alyssa E. behind your back." He countered, which got Rylie to turn bright red.

I watched her hand fly past me, striking him in the face. He held his hand up to the now bright mark, and He just sat there, before talking back.

    "Just saying, but you should be on the look out. I have you. And i play to win."
And with that, he left the room, blowing the candles out with him.

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