Chapter three

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Violet's point of veiw.

I saw her there, Ashlinn, just lying there. Lifeless, not breathing.

Why the fuck would she die?

Bellie was crouched down next her, sobbing, holding her hand, as if her touch would make her magically come back to life.

It pissed me off.

But what pissed me off even more was Dade, who was taking charge all of a sudden. I mean, ever since Rylie came, its not like he gave a crap about us anymore. So why was he so concerned about Ashlinn?

And then he held Rylie while she cried, and i bet he wasn't even thinking about Ashlinn. All he cared about was the fact that his rylie was hurt. And here i was, almost about to cry, and not because my little girlfriend was upset.

it was because my best friend was dead.

He said something, and even though i wasn't paying attention to what it was, i yelled at him for it.

Who would be talking right now? Although, i do have one question to ask.

"What do we do with the body?"

Dade picked Ashlinn, or what used to be Ashlinn, and carried it out of the house with Rylie.

I clutched the note on her stomach in my hands, my stomach churning. I felt like i was going to cry, but if i did, no one would ever let me live it down.

After all, i was the bitch.

I was sitting around the candle on the second floor again, wherewe began the game, with Bellie and Maddi. They were shivering, trying to warm themselves by the candle.

how was that supposed to help?

I was about to yell at them, when i heard the door slam open, with Rylie in the doorway.
She walked in without saying anything, and placed herself next to me in front of the candle.

Within the next two seconds, the candle burnt out.

And then I heard someone stand up.

with that, I felt freezing hands wrap around my neck, and pull their fingers close together. I flailed, my hands searching for a way to pry the hand off, give me the sweet air i needed.

I could hear the screams in the backround, someone searching frantically for a lighter. But it was all in the background, i couldn't focus on what was going on, and everything felt like it was spinning.

I closed my eyes to stop the spinning, and let my hands fall to my side, falling into a state of unconsciousness.

I was at peace.

And then i felt the hands retreat, and the cold, stinging air fell back into my throat.

and it hurt fucking bad.

It burned and stung, and i choked while i clutched my hands over the imprints that were left there.

I heard a match, and the whole room was lit again.

Everyone was sitting exactly where they were before.

And all eyes were on me.

Including Dade's, who just walked into the room.

If only he came in when the candle was out.

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