The game is called paranoia.
    Everyone gets a name.
    The object of the game is to 'kill' that person.
    This time, the game was taken too far.
    And now, someone has to die.
Um....that's a nickname of mine that people call guess I'm dead then....
Well that children is why you don't go into abandoned houses....
Alll I can think is SOMEONE FUDGING DIED IN THAT HOUSE!!!! AND YOU WANNA HAVE *whispers* it?!!?
I've already read this book once and it is sooooooo good. Even though I never did figure out who the killer was but I am going to read it again because its really really good!!!! :D
Already read the whole thing. Reading it agqin. Iwanna see if i can catch any of the clues from before as to who it is since ive allready read it and knowwho itis
O.o My middle name is almost the same as the dead girl's...never met another Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling).