Chapter nineteen

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Dade’s point of veiw.

I was so mad. I was so mad it physically hurt. They told me it was good I killed her. That it was fine that i murdered the most beautiful and caring girl in the world. That it made everything better. But it didn’t. It’s one of us. It is. And i can’t stand playing this game any longer. It hurt me to see their faces like that, even though they all deserved it. I mean, even Violet looked hurt.. But whatever. I don’t care. 

We had all been friends for a long time. Maddi and Ashlinn were friends the longest, had been for about three years already when we met them. It was sixth grade, and I had just finished beating up this kid. I didn’t even know who he was, but he was outside, and he was picking on this girl. He had a whole group of people around him, and they were egging him on. He knocked down her back pack, and had basically broken everything inside of it. 

Anyway, I didn’t like it. The girl was in a few of my classes, because in sixth grade, thats when we started changing periods. She was small, and had dark hair covering her face. She looked sad a lot. I walked up to the kid, and I tossed him on the ground, and punched him and kicked him as bad as my little eleven year old body would let me. Lets say, i got suspended my second week of sixth grade. But the girl was laughing, so that made me laugh too. After i got off of him, he immediately ran away. I looked to the girl, and she smiled at me. 

“Hi, I’m Violet. Lets be friends.”  Even then, she was a little pushy. But I didn’t mind. So i agreed. Then after that, the group that had been currently formed around us started to break up, and two girls emerged. They wore their hair identical, and had on clothes that were relatively similar. “Are you guys twins?” The girl Violet asked, with a bit of a snotty attitude. I didn’t notice, really. 

The girls just laughed, and informed us that they weren’t twins, but in fact best friends. I hadn’t ever had a best friend, but i was jealous at that moment. I looked around me, and saw a girl standing by a tree. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her over. “You’re gonna be my best friend, okay? and hers, too.” I said, pointing to Violet. Violet stayed silent. But the girl only grinned, her side tooth missing. “So.. whats your name?” I asked. She was pretty. “Isabella,” she said. Violet looked up then. “Thats a weird name.. I’ll call you Bellie.” And with that both the girls looked content. Actually, in that moment, all of us were content. I looked at the five of them, and I knew they were gonna be my bestfriends. 

After school, I invited violet over. I know, kinda strange to invite a girl over forty five minutes after you meet her, but it was years back, and it was easy to make friends then. That night we watched disney channel, and ate soup, and she would pick out everything that was wrong with every celebrity on the television. 

And I had been in love with her since that day.

Why was I still in love with Violet?

(A/N hey! its kara! surprise! Sorry for the short chapter, but i thought it made up for it ;} Team Diolet! Any of you have any other pairings you like?)

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