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(A.N.-Hello! This is Cassi, OneLessHeartToBreak, and Kara . [: 

We share this account and we alternate chapters back and fourth :3

~Cassi   ) 


            She unfolded the tiny piece of paper that lay in her shaking hands. A gust of icy wind blew through the holes of the old wooden walls. She looked around the room before first looking at the name in her hand.


            A small twinge of excitement ran through her cold body. Through the corner of her dark brown eyes, she saw Maddi next to her, reading the name she received. Along with the excitement, there was also fear. It was the beginning of the game, and she wondered who had her.

“This is the safe house…right?” She asked; she always had to be sure of everything.

“Yes.” They all sighed in unison.

            Besides herself, there were five others playing; Dade, Maddi, Rylie, Bellie, and Violet. Anyone of those people could have her.

            She sat looking down at her paper. She kept folding and unfolding the paper. She was beginning to feel unnerved.

“Is there a bathroom here?” She asked, looking around the abandoned house.

            The house was large, and had two floors. The old, splintering, dark wood seemed to be holding up pretty well. There were splits in the wood, which exposed small openings into the house. The small spiral staircase seemed to be the only thing that could potentially break any minute.

“Probably, it’s still a house. Houses have bathrooms.” Violet answered with annoyance coursing through her words.

“Where is it?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Violet rolled her big blue eyes.

“I’ll help you find it!” Rylie said, a little too cheerfully. There was a hint of deviousness in her small voice.

            Both girls stood from the giant blanket that was spread across the floor. They walked together, first searching the downstairs. When they didn’t find it, they decided to travel upstairs. They both took their time walking up the creaking staircase.

“There,” Rylie pointed to the first door on their left.

            She nodded and made her way into the small bathroom. When she closed the door, she heard Rylie run down the stairs giggling to herself. She rolled her eyes and laughed quietly to herself. The mirror in front of her portrayed a foggy image of herself. She ran the hot water into the dusty sink. When it filled up, she splashed the water on her face. She sighed with relief. The drastic change from cold to hot felt amazing to her.

            She heard the stairs creak as someone made their way up them. She ignored the sound, and plunged her face into the water. When she tried to lift her head for air, she was stopped by a hand. It grasped firmly onto her hair and forced her face further into the water.

After a painfully long few seconds, she felt the crisp air hit her face forcefully. She opened her eyes to find a blurry figure in front of her. The water stung inside of her eyes as she tired desperately to leave the room.

“Don’t leave yet,” The voice neared her. “The game just started.” Suddenly, she felt a knife break through her sensitive skin and into her empty stomach.