Chapter thirteen

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Maddi's point of veiw

She was screaming,Bellie was screaming. I didn’t know why, but she was. And at first they were loud, shrieking ones. but suddenly, before any of us were allowed to react, her screams were muffled, like a hand being put to her mouth.

At that point, all i can think is, what did she see?

My mind was racing, a million thoughts running through it. I felt numb, but i stay still, frozen, and so did everyone else who hear it. I wanted to get up, and see what happened.. but then, at the same time, i didn’t. i knew it, right away, that someone died. 

As if on cue, Bellie walked out. She walked slowly, taking swift, cautious steps. She looked in a daze, and her face was pale, teeth chattering from the fear and the cold. She came to a stop, and looked at all of us. On her mouth, were bloody smudges.

As if someone with bloody hands tried to stop her from screaming.

She lifted her hand up, it shaking violently. She turned her body silently, and pointed to the room next to the living room. Vaguely, without my glasses, i could make out a body. A bloody body, with a knife next to it. 

“Rylie!” Violet shrieked, running to the room. She ran, with me following closely behind her, my heart beating so rapidly, it was louder than my footsteps on the hollow wood floors. 

She was lying, a pool of blood around her head. And at first, thats all i noticed. But then, my heart beat slowly subsided, and i could hear something else. Someone sobbing.

Dade was on his knees, face buried in hands, crying uncontrollably. 

He slowly crawled his way up to his face, and let his tears spill over her. He brushed her hair out of her face, and kissed her cheek. Shakily but steadily, he took the knife, and slid it to us. 

 (A/N sorry for the long update! It's kara now, and i have been have techinal difficulties! but, to any wonderers, Paranoia will not be over soon, and we most certainly did not abandon it! now, a helpful hint:  believe nothing you read.) 

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