Chapter twenty three

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Violets Point of view

    I woke up in my bed, and quickly squeezed my eyes closed again. I let out a groan, sitting up and leaning up against my head board. I ran my hair through my black hair, pulling many knots as i did so. I opened my eyes again, and tried to remember what happened today. I remember going to school. I remember yelling at this perky girl for something that i dont recall. I remember going down to the principals..

   And i remember Victoria. 

    Then I remember calling my parents to get me, and i remember being carried in by my dad.. And i guess thats how i got here. But why did he carry me in.? I havent been carried by my dad since when I was four and told him I was too big for it. And the next time he tried to carry me, I bit him. But this was different.. 

    I threw my blankets off of me sloppily, and stood up, not being able to see in my dark ass room. I turned on my phone, and squinted when the light blinded me, and saw it was one in the morning. Great. I walked towards my door, and paused with my hand on the knob. Suddenly, i remembered what happened today..

   My heart stopped. Someone else was killed? I stared at the principal, not able to wrap my head around it. Someone else was killed, because of our game? We were killing innocent people.. This was all our fault.. My head pounded, and the room started spinning. The colors of everyone blended together. I felt my face drain of all of its usual tan color. Then all eyes were on me. 

   “Are you okay?” Bellie asked, suddenly alert. My eyes fluttered and I felt my cheeks gain a little bit of color. And then I started thinking. This was because of us. We were murderers. My eyes collected tears, and I stood and looked at everyone. No one else did anything. No one looked surprised. Or worried. Or guilty. 

   “Don’t you guys care?!” I felt myself yell, although I couldn’t hear myself. Everyone just stared. 

   “Well!?” I yelled again, “It’s our fault! we killed her! We killed an inocent girl!” I screamed, my tears falling on my cheeks, the salty taste lingering on my lips. I couldn’t remember the last time I cried.

    “We did it! It was us!” I choked out, my body now overcome with sobs, my body slightly jerking. I couldn’t stand. I collapsed, and held myself while I used myself as a tissue.

   Shit.. I cried? I didn’t normally cry. what was wrong with me? I started to breathe heavily again, and my eyes prickled up. 

   God damnit, Violet! You’re an idiot! You’re a fucking idiot! 

   No, not again.. My tears started flowing out again, coming in heavy drips. I felt my body shaking again. I dug my nails hard into my arms. calm down..

   You did it again! You killed a girl! An Innocent girl! It was your game!

   “No..” I choked out, falling against my door. I clawed my hands through my hair, holding my head.          

   "No!” I screamed again, sliding down. I was hyperventilating, and It was so dark I couldn’t see my own hands. 

   You killed her.

   “Shut up!” I shrieked, clawing my nails even harder into my head. My sobs got harder, and my breath got faster.

    You killed her!

   “Stop it!” I hugged myself closer. Make it stop. Make it stop. I was going insane. “Shut up!” I gasped through my tears and sobs. I let out another shriek. “Get away! Get out of my head!” I took my phone, and I threw it across my room. I heard the shattering of the touch screen, loud against my hollow wall. I squeezed my eyes closed and pulled my knees against me. I sobbed into them. 

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